2016-2017 OFFICERS

President:  David Antonsen

1st Vice President:  Rick Hanson

2nd Vice President:  Duane Strand

Secretary:  Laurine Kommer

Treasurer:  Diane Hanson

Lion Tamer:  Henry Ditterich

Tail Twister:  April Wurst

1 Year Directors:  Mary Ditterich, Linda Krabbenhoft

2 Year Directors:  Dennis Breitzman, Pat Strand

Immediate Past President:  Eilert Helm


2017-2018 OFFICERS

President:  Rick Hanson

1st Vice President:  Duane Strand

2nd Vice President:  Diane Hanson

Secretary:  Pat Strand

Treasurer:  Myron Gunderson

Lion Tamer:  Henry Ditterich

Tail Twister:  Eilert Helm

1 Year Directors:  Dennis Breitzman, *Pat Strand

2 Year Directors:  Brian Laymon, Sonya Gunderson

Immediate Past President: David Antonsen

Public Relations Director:  Mike Goettel

*Note: new person to be appointed



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