April 12, 2017 at Cactus, Perham

Attendance: PDG Jay Norby, PDG Linda Albrecht-Norby, David Antonsen, Richard Hanson, PDG Rodger Palmer, DGE Tom Plagman, Michelle Plagman and “gang of 5” Lions from Verndale to observe 2018 Midwinter Convention Committee

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Co-Chair Jay Norby

Minutes by Rodger of March 9, 2017 meeting were reviewed and okayed by concensus.

Treasurer’s Report: Richard reported a balance of $12,375.67 in our Convention Account. Sanford check for $1,500 has been received. Retainer payment to G.L. Berg Entertainment for the Saturday nights entertainment has been made. 5M-9 advance payment from dues has been received. Report approved by consensus.

Head of diabetes research from Sanford confirmed as Saturday noon speaker according to Jay.

Discussion on several potential “themes” for the Convention. Motion by Rodger, second by Richard to approved the theme NURTURING THE GROWTH OF LIONISM for the 2018 Convention, Motion passed.

The Friday night theme will be revolve around “Hoe Down,” with western or farm wear clothes recommended. Friday night ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE will start to nail down the line-up for games that night. Many great suggestions including Hole-in-one golf game, clothing race, milking/roping. New MJF coins will be raffled off. Will have a variety of “wagons.”

The list of Committees and tentative chairs will be firmed up as we contact our club members at the next club meetings.

Jay will contact Zone Chairs to get the dates of their next Zone meetings so we can attend and pre-register Lions for the Convention.

ID Joyce Middleton will be speaker at Saturday night banquet. Her husband Lion Martin will be involved. They plan to fly in from Fargo. Suggestion to get a limo from the Shooting Star to transport the ID.

Rodger mentioned the possibility of a practice session of Texas Holdem on Friday morning with a “fun tournament” to follow. General consensus that this might work!

Discussion about Friday night hospitality areas and additional snacks for attendees.

Will look into getting Sanford to hold a special “Woman’s” program opposite the business meeting.

Discussion about Convention “pins vs buttons” with plan to bring costs to next meeting.

Adjourned at 7:00 pm




The overall Chairs of the 2018 Mid Winter Convention, President Dave and PDG Jay are ready to have the sub-committees take charge of their chosen activities. At the next regular meetings of both the Perham and Vergas Lions, Chairs of all the sub committees will be chosen/announced and they will be expected to meet with their committees on a regular basis until their job is done! The Registration Committee continues to be active. At the Zone 7 meeting in Detroit Lakes Tuesday night an additional eight Lions were registered for the Convention. Over the next month we will be attending several Zone meetings to pre-register more Lions. Club members who would like to help with that process should contact Lion Rodger.

The Friday night “fun-and-games” entertainment is being planned, but is still open to all members input! The theme of the evening is “Country Hoedown.” You will be briefed at the next regular meeting about the activities tentatively being planned.

A SPECIAL NOTE: We will be in need of many raffle items and door prizes at our 2018 Convention. As you start putting some Christmas gifts into storage, please consider “donating” them for the 2018 Convention. Besides the usual small items we will also be looking for several larger items for the raffles. You can start bringing these items to our meetings.

Countdown by Lion Rodger




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