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April 2016

Stockton Heath Lions, Caring for the carers

Stockton Heath and District Lions Club would like to thank the managers of the The Thorn, The London Bridge and the Ex-Servicemens club who have raffled Easter eggs in aid of Cheshire and Warrington Young Carers. Thank you for your generosity in supporting  our fundraising for a group of young adults who deserve to be better publicised.

To contact Stockton Heath Lions :

Ring Graham Cliffe on 01925 262669 or email him at


The Courier --Walton /Stockton Heath edition May/June issue 2016

Stockton Heath and District Lions Club helping in your community.

Stockton Heath and District Lions Club is a small local club which was established in 1986 with a primary aim of supporting local community projects. The club is part of an international association of local lions clubs stretching across the British Isles and the World.

With your help the Club has been able to support the Walton Lea Project with donations from Santa at the Forge and also most recently Warrington Young Adult Carers Project with donations from our Easter egg raffles.

In the future we will be attending the Stockton Heath Fete with children’s games and the Open weekend, which will give you another chance to meet us and find out what we do and could do locally in the future.

We are a growing club, and fund raising is only part of what we do. Our service activities have included the sponsoring of peace and friendship themed art competitions for young people at the local high school, the recycling of old spectacles and acting as stewards at Disability Awareness Day and the English Half Marathon.

Whether we are fundraising or undertaking a service activity we enjoy ourselves and the friendship.

By growing the Club we can do more for our community, so we are always looking for new volunteers to join us.

Contact Graham Cliffe on 01925 262669 or




We help local Scouts go to summer camp




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We help the Scouts travel to Kenya to help local people with a scheme to help them survive periods of drought.



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Our group makes a donation to the Warrington MS Society to help with their work.







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