The Lions Club of Stafford Township invites new members from Lacey to Little Egg Harbor every first Wednesday of the month at 7 P.M. Calloway's Restaurant, in Cedar Run, NJ.
The club's largest project is free eye screening of preschool children with a state of the art Spot Camera, which detects problems with the child's eyes that may occur and can be corrected. The club also sponsors the Leo Club in Southern Regional School District, providing youths 12-18 an opportunity to focus on individual and social development through community service. The many other projects include scholarships in SRHS for continuing education, holiday food certificates in partnership with local churches to needy families, therapy dog visits to local senior citizen and hospital facilities, just to mention several of the services provided to the community.
Call Robert Skrable at 609-709-6093 for information

Like all Lions Clubs, our members donate funds to cover the adminstrative costs so that every dollar you donate to The Lions Club of Stafford Township helps us to provide the following services to the community:

  • Free Vision Screening for pre-school children   -   Eyesight is very important for schoolwork and catching vision problems early is key.  Many problems are treatable before the ages of 5 to 7 but may become permanent afterwards.  We have tested over 160 children this year so far and approximately 10% are referred to doctors for a follow up.   Stafford Township Lions Club uses the latest technology to perform eye screenings quickly for even the youngest of children.  To see where we will be conducting the screenings, check out the eye screening schedule

    If you know of any organization in Southern Ocean County, NJ that may benefit from the free screening of children 6 months to 16 years of age, please contact our Children Eye Screening Chairman:

    Dave Skrivanek  201-280-8154

  • Used Eyeglass Recycling  -  Imagine that you live in a remote area of Central America.  Your eyesight got worse years ago but you cannot afford an eye exam much less glasses.  Your grandchildren are growing up around you but you have never seen them clearly.  Then you hear that a group of "Lions" are flying in to provide free exams and glasses.  So your son walks the 15 miles with you.  You get the first pair of glasses you have ever owned and, miraculously you can see clearly again.  The tears start to flow as you realize that you will now be able to go back and see how beautiful your grandchildren are.  That is why the Lions Club collects, cleans, measures, and packages used eyeglasses.  That is why the optometrists and pilots donate their time.  Please don't throw your eyeglasses away. Take them to one of the collection locations listed here and help someone to see clearly again, or maybe for the first time in their life.
  • Subsidized eyeglass program - Students referred by school nurses and individuals having a financial need (based on the Stafford Lions Club financial need analysis form) receive low or no cost eyeglasses through the Stafford Township Lions Club.  Other humanitarian assistance for services such as cataract surgery may also be considered.
  • Southern Regional  Leo Club - leading the way to the next generation of community service.


  •  Therapy Dog Nursing Home Visits-There is a new Stafford Township Lions Club member! Meet Bailey a Therapy Dog who enjoys visits to the local nursing homes and enjoys the seniors he meets. Bailey met all the requirements and tests to become a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog Inc., and now volunteers with his owner a member of the Stafford Lions.  Bailey has visited Seacrest Nursing Home in Little Egg Harbor, Manahawkin Nursing and Rehab, and Southern Ocean Medical Center.

Bailey is now joined by (L to R) Gromit, Brittany & Bailey who enjoy socializing with the residents and patients at the local facilities.

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