Life Member

A life member is a Lion who has maintained active membership for at least 20 years, or at least 15 years if the member has reached age 70. Life membership may also be granted to a Lion who is critically ill. 

  • Chris Kaub
  • Bob Skrable
  • Peter Casamento 


 Melvin Jones Fellowship   

The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) is the highest honor that a Lion can receive.  The goal of the Stafford Township Lions Club is to have every member of the club to be a Melvin Jones Fellow by making annual donations in the name of members not yet Melvin Jones Fellows. 

  • The Fellowship was established in 1973 and the Progressive program began in 1986 in response to Lions' request for a way to extend their commitment to LCIF.
  • Donations through MJFs provide 75 percent of the Foundation's annual revenue.
  • There are 100 levels in the Progressive program.
  • Most of the funds raised during Campaign SightFirst and Campaign SightFirst II were through MJF donations.
  • There are 302,745 MJFs worldwide and 55,273 PMJFs, as of January 2010
  • The MJF luncheon began in 1984 and has been held at each convention since
  • All MJFs are invited to the annual luncheon at convention (ticket purchase required) and their names are on a computer list of donors in the LCIF Room at International Headquarters

LCIF is the international arm of Lions Club Internations.  When Lions Clubs respond to local events requiring large amounts of aid, LCIF provides the money to the local Lions Club to make sure that the community is properly served.  In recent times this has included the tsunami in Asia and Hurricanes Rita and Katrina where the Lions Clubs were given an exemption so that we could distribute used eyeglasses to those who needed glasses. (Lions Clubs normally are not allowed to distribute used eyeglasses in the US even though they have been measured, repaired, and cleaned prior to packaging).  LCIF also provides grants for large projects such as building hospital facilities or implementing extensive service progams.

The Melvin Jones Fellows of the Lions Club of Stafford Township include:* 

* Denotes Past President

  • Peter Casamento - 1991
  • Robert Skrable - 2006*
  • Christian Kaub - 2008*  
  • Walter Nuss - 2008
  • Edward Jones - 2009
  • Louis Schovanec - 2009*
  • Thomas Struble - 2009
  • Dave Skrivanek - 2009
  • Olev Allikmaa - 2010*
  • John Parker - 2010*
  • Susan Mueller - 2012
  • Gladys Casamento - 2013
  • Ruth Skrable - 2013
  • Ken Welsh - 2014
  • Ed and Isabelle Sapanara 2015
  • Roz Armentano 2018
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