Donation of Reader Glasses to the Homeless

Some months ago, while working in the Lions office, we received a call from America's Best Optical Store in Northpointe saying that their recycle box for glasses was full and asked for someone to come pick them up.  Carole and I drove up later that day and met with the caller, a lady named Christy, who said she had been contacted by Rob Bryceson requesting reader glasses that he could give to the homeless on the streets of Spokane.  Christy told him, since they had been collected for the Lions Club, the Lions needed to make that decision.  She had a business card from Rob which she gave to us.
We collected the glasses from America's Best and returned them to the Lion's Office.  I contacted Rob about his need and told him we would talk to the Sight and Hearing Committee to see if we could help him.  At the next Sight and Hearing meeting we approached the committee about the possibility of donating some of the reader glasses we collect and giving them to Rob for his ministry to the homeless.  We got approval from the committee and gave Rob about 200 pair of reader glasses after the glasses sorting session last spring.  Some of these glasses are distributed to the homeless people appearing in Community Court so they can see the paperwork they are required to sign.  Other glasses are distributed through the Homeless Coalition of which Rob is chairman. 
All this led to an invitation from Street Wise (the name the Brycesons have given to their ministry) to our Club.  Dick Shand passed the invitation to us as we had been the ones directly involved.  We attended as representatives of our Club and the Sight and Hearing committee. 
As far as we know, these are street people and may or may not live at Brownstone or House of Charity.  The Brycesons don't distribute the glasses through those outlets but, rather, through their connections with the street people (Homeless Coalition) and through the Community Court.  The Brycesons are in the process of converting a building in the Garland District into a cafe where their contacts (street people) can receive training and job skills to help them turn their lives around.

Lions Jerry and Carole

We'll follow the progress of this project and ways we as Spokane Central Lions might become involved.

Known Locations of Eyeglass Collection Boxes

In Spokane and Spokane Valley


Lions Clubs in the Spokane area collect used eyeglasses to be sorted and processed so they may be used around the world to help those less fortunate than ourselves see again.

After the glasses are collected and given a rough sort in this area they are sent to the Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (NWLERC)  where the prescription is measured and a final quality check is made. NWLERC is a project of the Lions of Washington and North Idaho.

When the glasses are completely processed they are made available to eye care professionals who want to serve people around the world with eye care. To find out more go to


Eyeglasses can be dropped off at any of the following locations in the greater Spokane area:


At Spokane Central Lions Club office

1212 N Howard St. (near Spokane Arena)


North Side Locations

1010 W Rosewood (Barber Shop)

827 W Cleveland (Corbin Senior Center)

Walmart Optical (Newport Hwy)

Costco Optical (N. Division)

25 W Nora (Hussey Optometry)

3231 W Boone (Clubhouse at Sans Souci)


South Side Locations

500 S Stone (East Central Community Center)

57th and Perry (St. Stephen’s Church)


Central Downtown Area

Deaconess Info Booth

200 W Fifth Ave. (Spokane Eye Clinic)

217 W Spokane Falls Blvd (Park Towers)


Spokane Valley

1406 N Pines (Eye Care Associates)

COSTCO Optical (East Sprague)

Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center at 10616 E Valley

(large drop box in front of garage)


Please notify the web master ( if any of these locations are not current or need to be serviced. Notify us of any locations you are aware of that we have missed and they will be added to this list. Thank you!




















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