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This page tells what is new and/or different at Spokane Central Lions Club. Check it out and you can find the lastest information about our memMulbers and the club in general.

Multiple District 19 Border Crossing

The July-August edition of the Border Crossing can be downloaded as a pdf file here. Among all the news around our Multiple District 19 (Washington, northern Idaho and BC) you will find the official announcement of the Multiple District Convention that will take place at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park in Spokane October 20 – 22, 2016. Get the dates on your calendar now and/or register for the convention with the form on the calendar page (where it says "view flier.")


By-Laws Posted in Members-Only Area as a message.

Members of Spokane Central Lions can find the most recent update of the club by-laws posted as a message in the members only area. Use your email as your user name and contact Lion John Wilson if you need to find out what the password is. It has not changed since it was first introduced some time ago.

New Members join Spokane Central Lions

The Month of August brought some new members to our club. They are anxious to help Lions serve the community! Welcome Lion Craig, Lion Mark, Lion Jim, Lion Shari and Lion Dave! We are thrilled to have you a part of our club to help serve the Spokane community as well as those in need around the world.

If you new Lions would contact me (Lion John Wilson) I will enable your access to the members only part of the site. Thank you!

Donald “Craig” Powell sponsored by Steve Ball

Mark Mashtare sponsored by Steve Maggio

Jim Bell sponsored by Steve Maggio

Shari Stafki sponsored by Cheryl Roberts

Dave Stafki sponsored by Cheryl Roberts

Record Set Again for Lion's Scholarships

The Spokane Central Lion’s held their Scholarship Ceremonies on May 17th, with a record-setting $37,000 gifted to area high school and nursing students.  A total of six (6) area high school students received $12,000  with $4,000 match funding from Eastern and Community Colleges of Spokane.  With over $18,000 raised from the 2nd Annual Pig Roast Fundraiser on April 16th a total of 11 scholarships for $21,000 were awarded to WSU Nursing students for academic year 2016–17.   Over 60 people attended the annual Scholarship luncheon program celebrating the success of many promising candidates. 



2015-2016 Sight and Hearing Services

A principle service that Lions Club are charged with is to serve the deaf and blind  persons. Spokane Central Lions Club meet this charge by supporting the activities of its Sight and Hearing Committee.

Glasses – Approved 338 applications for glasses. 188 out of 297 applicants received their glasses in the first 10 months of the fiscal year. May and June usage will not be known until billings are received in July–August.                

Hearing Aids – Approved 97 request for aids. 39 persons as of June 15 has received their aids. 26 of them received reconditioned aids and 13 received aids provided by the Sight Life Program. 10 request from the prior fiscal year were paid.

Preschool Children Hearing Screening – Screened children at 23 schools for a total of 728 children. 26 children showed hearing deficiency. 26 Lions plus 20 WSU nursing students donated 195 hours to service.

Vision Screening – Screened children at 16 schools for a total 247 children. 13 children showed some sort of eye deficiency. 10 Lions donated 36 hours to this service during the period of February to June of this year.

There are in addition, those Lions members who donate hours to the support activities. Jerry and Carole Williams for scheduling sites and people to screen. Dave Gilman for the same activities for vision screening. Sandy Eberle for sending out letters showing results and record keeping. Mike  Fulton for maintaining the equipment. Bob Scheel for recording committee minutes. Cheryl Martin for a very timely service of sending out letters to all applicants that are approved glasses or hearing aids. Sandy Gerber for the all-important grant request preparation . Lee Teichmer for working with Dave and taking over the scheduling of screeners. We are always looking for more Lions who can donate time to the various activities of this committee as way to fulfill their Lion commitment to WE SERVE.

President Ted's Farewell Speech


It’s been a great year Lion’s!  I have enjoyed presiding as President for the 2015–16 year and we have many things to point out that we can be proud of as a club:
***We became a  “100/100 Club”
***Membership Committee added 10 new members bringing our membership over 100 to 103.
***We had a first-ever annual budget for our Club of  $100k.
***Sight Screening began this year and Sight and Hearing tested over 900 kids this past year, a new record! 
***In July, a communications committee was formed and our  Roar Newsletter was reenacted in September.
***In August, despite the smoke from nearby fires, the Lions enjoyed an evening Boat Cruise fundraiser of $3,700 hosted by one of our Lions on the Serendipity from Post Falls into Lake CDA.
***We had the 2nd largest Beer Garden Sales at the Fairground last September.
Over 600 bags of groceries were assembled by Lion’s Members for Tom’s Turkey in November.
***December- the Garfield kids were treated to a fabulous Christmas party hosted by the Lions.
***February, the membership Committee had a Pizza night for the members and 40 members and friends showed up for the event.
***In April, over 40 Lions and friends helped with Camp 4 Echo’s Clean-up and Maintenance.
***In May, a new record of $37k was provided for Scholarships, with $12 for 6 high School students; and $21k for 11 Nursing Students and $4K in Match funding. 
***The Second Annual Pig Roast held in late April was again very successful in fundraising $ 18 toward the Nursing Scholarships.

Programs- I can’t say enough about Programs.  There were great programs throughout the year for the members that came to the Weekly Meetings.  If you attended most of them like I did, you actually learned something.

Probably what I learned most about the Lions members was this.  My fiancee quaintly pointed this out to me at the Pig Roast.   She said look around at all the Lion’s who go about their business with no real instruction yet getting it done.  It’s as though everybody is an actor and knows how to assemble, how to orchestrate, where to pick-up, and do whatever it takes to get the job done.  That’s experience my friends, it’s what makes our club great and capable of taking on any project.   The other observation I have as President is that we really do have a great club.   I never came across any personality conflicts.  With over 100 members strong we should have a few “quirks.”  But, as a club, we are really healthy that way!

Thank you for letting me serve as your President this past year, you have been a great club!

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