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This page tells what is new and/or different at Spokane Central Lions Club. Check it out and you can find the lastest information about our memMulbers and the club in general.

New 2019-2020 Officers Nominated

The Nominating Committee announces the following Slate of Officers for the 2019-2020 Spokane Central Lions Year:

President:                       Steve Ball

Imm. Past Pres:              Ed Brandstoettner

1st Vice Pres:                  Gary Guenther

2nd Vice Pres:                  Mark Robershotte

Secretary:                       Cindy Shackleford

Treasurer:                       Scott Opperud

Tail Twister:                   Jessica Ekstrom

Lion Tamer:                     Cliff Miller

Membership Chair:         Jeff Snow

Sight/Hearing Chair:       Dave Gilman


Dave Gilman (2019)                                      John Barber (2021)

Andrea Hesler (2019)                                   Steve Maggio (2021)

Mike Fulton (2020)                                        Benton Scruggs (2022)

Gale Fowler (2020)                                       Roger Engelbertson (2022)


By-Laws Posted in Members-Only Area as a message.

Members of Spokane Central Lions can find the most recent update of the club by-laws posted as a message in the members only area. Use your email as your user name and contact Lion John Wilson if you need to find out what the password is. It has not changed since it was first introduced some time ago.


Pig Roast and Auction

Last year and preparing for next year.

The 2018 edition of the Annual Pig Roast and Auction is complete. Enough funds were raised to enable us to give scholarships to WSU College of Nursing students and high school graduates totaling over $50,000.

We will have about 400 guests at next year's (2019) Pig Roast (April 9, 2019) and Auction and hope many of you reading this can donate to this cause. The donations should be ones that our guests and members would like to bid on. 100% of the funds raised the both the Auction and the Pig Roast will go to Lions causes (WSU Nursing scholarships and college scholarships for high school graduates in this case) with no overhead taken out.

To contact us use the following information:  Club Address:1212 N. Howard 99201 Club Tel:509-328-6900 Email:

Flyers for the 2019 Pig Roast on April 6:

Flyer to promote the Pig Roast giving location and ticket information:

Pig Roast Flyer (click here to download as a pdf file)

Like to make a donation for the Pig Roast auction or ask some one to do so just download this form:

Pig Roast Procurement Form (click here to download as a pdf file)




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