October 2015
Relgular meeting 10/6
October 06, 2015
Lincoln Center, 1316 N Lincoln
FAMILY OF FIVE KILLED WHEN TRYING TO BEAT A TRAIN CROSSING THE TRACKS! We have seen far too many news headlines about families being killed while trying to cross a track in front of a 57,000 ton train traveling at 35 miles an hour. Glen Allison of Operation Lifesaver, Train Safety Education joins us and will remind us…..if the race is between the vehicle and the train…the train will win every time!
Regular Meeting 10/13
October 13, 2015
Lincoln Center, 1316 N Lincoln
Working to protect the homeless and those less fortunate is the commitment of Rick Eichstaedt, Executive Director, Center for Justice, who will be speaking to us today.
Regular Meeting Oct. 20
October 20, 2015
Lincoln Center, 1316 N Lincoln
Leadership Spokane offers a premier civic leadership training program to a diverse community of youth and adult leaders – inspiring them to help build an effective community. Brian Newberry, Executive Director, Leadership Spokane who brings over 20 years of leadership to the program, will be our speaker today.
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