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Clockwise from top left: Betty; Philip with his soccer trainees; Esther; and Yuen Mim (right)






(From Left: Petrina, Esther and Victoria


Get to Know Our New Members!

(From left: Petrina, Esther and Victoria at the Joint Installation Night)





As a trade marketing executive working for a French dairy company carrying brands like President Butter and Cheese, Petrina has the benefit of seemingly never-ending supply of French cheese and butter! Apart from this, she enjoys the learning process ​in the job as she had just joined the workforce. 

Petrina has helped out at some of the Lions Sentosa's previous projects, and ha​s participated in many charity or social projects in NTU. "For example, I've organised a day-out for underprivileged children onboard a ship, went door-to-door as a Karang Guni collector; and once, a truck full of newspapers we've collected went up in flames!" said Petrina. "I hope to bring to the Lions Club of Singapore Sentosa some young energy and new ideas!"

Petrina is the adventurous sort and that has taken her to Europe and Australia all by herself so far; she has sailed with whales, slept in the Moroccan desert, and even hiked to an ex-NSA spy station, just to name a few. She also has a quirky hobby of collecting water bottles wherever she travel to. 

However, Petrina is a bit more 'timid' in her food choice. "I absolutely cannot eat chilli, and might have just disgraced the Singaporean name by saying that," she declared. "Steak, medium-rare is my preference. My favourite steak joints are either Mortons or Wooloomooloo. On another note, I've also had the best Ee-mian ever at a coffee shop at Toa Payoh." Nevertheless, as part of her current job, Petrina has eventually learnt to eat the 'durian' of cheeses - the smelliest, mouldiest kinds; and she has also tried sheep brains.


Esther is an associate financial consultant with Prudential. "I like the flexibility of time in this job as I can go to the office anytime I want," she explained. "Ever since I joined this industry, I also had more opportunity to travel around the world!" 

Esther has not participated in voluntary work before joining Lions Club of Singapore Sentosa. Hence, she hopes that she will be able to contribute more of her time to help out on the Club's activities.

Perhaps it is the "Korean Wave" or the spiciness of Kimchi, Esther simply loves Korean food. "No particular reason why I love Korean food, i just have a special craving of it all the time!" Now we know who to ask when we have a craving for Korean food.



Victoria is a 'multitasker' who works as an executive/personal assistant to the CEO during the day and teaches part-time in the evening. She also possess other skills like flower arrangement and nursing etc… which she puts into good use when doing voluntary work for religious groups.

Given her busy schedule, why does she still join Lions Club of Singapore Sentosa? "I love meeting people and solving problems. I hope to bring to the needy, the warmth and sincerelity of our heart by serving them," said Victoria. "I received some negative feedback from the public about Lions Club.  Many people feel that Lions members lack sincerity and warmth from their heart, and that Lions Club is led by rich men who merely joined to gain individual recognition in the community. I hope we can change that."

On the lighter side, Victoria loves vegetarian and Japanese cuisines not only for their authenticity but also their creativity.  For vegetarian restaurant she recommends Ru Yi at Liat Towers; and for Japanese, Sushi Teh at Holland Village. "I also love fruits, and durian is my favourite," Victoria added. "I like to choose the durian​s​ myself as I have a good sense of sight, smell and touch.  I gain my experience since young because​ my grandparents used to have acres of land for coconut, durian and rambutan plantation!"


Yiwen (right) co-hosting Mid-Autumn Dinner with LCS Fort Canning memberYiwen works as a doctor in a hospital. She enjoys her job as she loves helping others and interacting with people.

Prior to joining the Lions Club of Singapore Sentosa, she has been doing voluntary work in Singapore as well as overseas. She would like to help LCS Sentosa organise charity events and bring smiles to the faces of the less fortunate.

On the social side, Yiwen hopes to improve​ on​ her tennis skills, and her fitness in road cycling. Her favourite dish is Steamed Fish because it is healthy, easy-to-cook and tasty. She recommends some restaurants for our members, including Italian restaurant Pietrasanta at Portsdown Road, and Bismallah Biryani at 50 Dunlop Street for baby goat biryani. Now these restaurants are not quite the places to go for Steamed Fish, nor anything as healthy, but our members don't mind, do we?

Photo: Yiwen (right) co-hosting Mid-Autumn Dinner with LCS Fort Canning member
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