Growth of Multiple District (MD) 308
In 1957, Noshir Pundole, who was then deeply involved in the Lions movement in India and subsequently became an International Director, paid an exploratory visit to Singapore. This led to the birth, on 5 November 1958, of the Lions Club of Singapore, later renamed Lions Club of Singapore (Host).

Within 3 months, the first club was chartered in Malaysia, the Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur (Host), in 1959. Thereafter, expansion was rapid, reaching Sabah and Sarawak in 1966. In 1970, the Lions Club of Brunei was formed. Given the number 308, the district spanned three countries, namely Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.

By June 1981, District 308 had a total of 2,500 members in 73 Lions Clubs, and 600 members in 24 Lioness Clubs, with another 70 Leo Clubs. In 1983, Multiple District 308 was formed, with South Johore, East Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei making up sub-District 308 A, and West Malaysia (excluding South Johore) sub-District 308 B.

For the next 15 years the movement continued to grow. In 1998, the two sub-districts were further subdivided into four. Thus, Singapore became District 308 A1 of Multiple District 308.

District 308-A1
In Singapore, each Lions Club is an independent registered society; each also receiving its Charter from Lions Clubs International. The Lions Clubs Constitution and Bye-Laws incorporates both the provisions of Lions Clubs International and those stipulated by the Registrar of Societies. The clubs are responsible to the latter as a society and to Lions Clubs International for observance and fulfillment of the aims and guiding principles of the international association.

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