2018-2019 Rosenberg Lions Club Officers


Seated are Treasurer Liz Gerstenberger, Tail Twister Doris Dahse, 2018-2019 District Governor Debbie Deleon-Devant,  President Vickie Tonn, 1 year Director Connie Aufdembrink
On the back row are: 3rd Vice President Steven Sterling, 1st Vice President and Lion Tamer Eugene Aufdembrink,1  year Director Dennis Dahse, 2 year Director Teresa Bailey, 2nd Vice President Mary Ward and Membership Chairman Milton Wright, 
Absent from the photo were Secretary Thea Leishman and 2 year director Joyce Giese, co-membership chair Jason Levin, co-program chair Marian Wright


Full List of Officers:

Vickie Tonn
(H) 281-239-2178

           1st Vice President
           Eugene Aufdembrink
           (C) 713-501-3589

           2nd Vice President
            Mary Ward
            H: 832-671-6990

          3rd Vice President
          Steve Sterling
          (H) 281-726-1592

Thea Leishman
(C) 713-598-4345

Liz Gerstenberger
(H) 979-793-5418

Tail Twister
Doris Dahse
(C) 281-797-6327

Lion Tamer
Eugene Aufdembrink
(C) 713-501-3589

Immediate Past President
Vickie Tonn
(H) 281-239-2178

Director (1 year)
Dennis Dahse
(C) 281-633-0177

Director (2 year)
Teresa Bailey
(C) 281-750-2438

 Director (1 year)
Connie Aufdembrink
 (C) 713-501-3630

Director (2 year)
Joyce Giese
(H) 281-238-8688

Membership Chairman
Milton Wright
(C) 832-473-7888 

Co-Membership Chairman
Jason Levin
(C) 832-453-8804

Program Chairs
Milton and Marian Wright 
(C) 832-473-7888







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