LIST OF OFFICERS - Term 2017/2018

President                    King Lion Shirley Hurley                     

Past President            Lion Gary Nymark                               


1st Vice President       Lion Alexander Lich                                

2nd Vice President      Lion Greg Matthews                               

3rd Vice President      


Secretary                  Lion David Howe              

Treasurer                  Lion Brian Brewer                                

Lion Tamer               Lion Lawrence Nicoll                             

Tail Twister               Lion David Quinn                              

2nd Year Director      Lions Bill Atkinson, Paul Hill, Ron Forbes, Wendall Gallagher                                                                   

1st Year Director       Lions Tom MacLaren, Lohn Langille, Johnson Repetto, Sharlene Lake


Parrsboro Lions Club

2017-2018 Standing Committees/Special Projects


Membership/Attendance - Lions Maggie Phinney, John Lucas, Jerry Boutilier


Health & Welfare, Hearing & Sight - Lions John Langille,  Ron Forbes., Patsy Simmonds


Rink - Lions Greg Matthews, David Quinn


Bingo - Lions Rob Bentley, John Langille


Visitation - Lion Patsy Simmonds


Education Services (Drug Awareness, Peace Poster) - Lion Paul Hill


Building - Lions Bruce Shaw, Ron Forbes, Bill Atkinson


Food Bank - Lions John Lucas, John Langille


Rentals -   Den - Lion Shirley Hurley /  Rink - Lions Greg Matthews, David Quinn


Club Canteen - Lion Ron Forbes


Speak Out - Lion David Howe


Safety Officers - Lions Ron Forbes, Bill Atkinson


Website - Lion Sharlene Lake


Public Relations - Lions Lawrence Nicoll, Sharlene Lake


Northwood In-Touch - Lion John Lucas


Policy & Procedures -


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