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August 11, 2012


It may have been a grey and gloomy day in Advocate Harbour but the parade celebrating the Bayview Memorial Health Center's 65th anniversary and Annual bazzar was well attended, and once again the Lions and the community were well represented by our OHW Queen Audrianna Smith.   Accompanied by KL Jerry, Audrianna once again proves how proud we can all be when represented by her.

Photograph by  Kerstyn Massie MacLellan


August 5, 2012


Under brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine the Lions float joined the annual FPW Parade in Port Greville.   With representatives from both the club and the LEOS, our reigning queen Audrianna Smith was joined by King Lion Jerry, as well as Lions Frank and Sarah on the float.

King Lion Jerry and Queen Audrianna at the Port Greville FPW Parade



July 13, 2012


New Queen Audrianna addresses the audience

With eight wonderful contestants participating in this years' pageant, making a selection by the judges proved difficult indeed, however on Friday evening, in front a huge crowd assembled at the Lions Arena, Lion Frank Hartman announced that Audrianna Smith had been selected as the Old Home Week Queen, 2012/2013.

Queen and Princess celebrate

Photo by L Nicholl                                     

The girls had, as usual been treated to a mini-meeting over dessert earlier in the day at the Glooscap Restaurant and amongst themselves chose Frankie-Rae Quinn as this years Miss Congeniality.  She was equally surprised to find that the judges had also selected her as the Princess of this year's pageant.

Princess and Miss Congeniality Frankie-Rae Quinn celebrates her selection(s) with out going Queen Kimberley

All of the contestants in this years pageant had impressed the judges who stated that their decision had been made so very difficult by the presence, intelligence and charm of all of the girls.

The contestants surround reigning Queen Kimberley

Photo by L Nicholl                          


July 12, 2012


This is proving to be the most memorable Old Home Weeks in years.   The children's parade was held on Wednesday afteroon under glorious blue skies and warm temperatures.  A large turnout of entrants to the parade made the event a terrific success.  

Near perfect weather brought out a large number of participants and supporters

Photo by L Nicholl                                   

Three delightful princesses make their contribution to the large number of entrants in this years' parade.

The annual Queen Contestant dinner was held once again at Trinity United Church and was a huge success.   All the contestants were in attendance doing the serving of guests, and all accomplished it with style, grace and not a little humour.   Reining Queen Kimberley was a little envious as she said, "We were MUCH busier last year with only half the number of entrants"

The annual dinner was extremely well attended, and served.   Well done to all the girls.

It was not all work for the girls however as they had been treated to dinner the night before by the Pageant Committee at the Glooscap Restaurant.

Reigning Queen Kimberley and the Pageant Committee with the 2012 hopefuls

Photo by F Hartman              


July 11, 2012


Old Home Week officially got under way yesterday with the Bike Rodeo at the Lions Arena.   Hosted by the RCMP and the Lions Club, over 60 participants brought their bikes to be checked, helmets to be fitted and a refresher on bicycle riding and signalling.

Some of the participants preparing for the 'road course'

See more on the Bike Rodeo on this sits OHW page.


The Second Annual Family Kite Flying Day was held this afternoon at Partridge Island and was extremely well attended with 36 kites in the air at one point.   Warm sunshine and a light breeze kept all kites aloft, one to an incredible 1000'.

See more on the Kite Flying on the OHW Page

Photo by L Nicholl       

The day ended with the extremely popular and successful Old Home Week Parade.   Normally well attended this year the turn out to watch parade was above average, largely thanks to the near perfect weather.

Reigning OHW Queen Kimberley MacMillan rides in style.


The contestants are presented for the first time

Photo by L Nicholl            

See more on the parade on the OHW page

July 6, 2012


Photos by L Nicholl                  

July 5, 2012
Lions Old Home Week Queen Kimberley MacMillan was very much in evidence at various activities on Canada Day.   Starting with an appearance in the Firefighters' Annual Canada Day parade, she visited the various activities at the Fireman's Field Day at the fire hall.
In order to not miss out, Kimberley then trekked out to Ottawa House in order to participate in the flag raising ceremonies for the town's official Canada Day celebration.    Nearing the end of her 'rule' with Old Home Week rapidly approaching, and 8 contestants vying for her crown, Kimberley continues to represent the Lions Club in the best possible manner.
Not to be outdone, Lion Hughie had to deck out his scooter and make the Lions presence known elsewhere in the parade

All Photographs Courtesy  of Lawrence Nicholl     

June 17, 2012


Yes another year is almost past and Old Home Week is rapidly approaching.    It will kick off on Tuesday July 10th with the Children's Bike Rodeo at the Arena sponsored by the Lions and the RCMP and the official festivities will begin on July 11th with the annual Old Home Week Parade.

See our Old Home Week page for the calendar of events (which will be expanded as more events are announced) and relive last year's spectacularly successful OHW.   Many many thanks to the committee who devotes so much time, energy and effort into ensuring that Old Home Week is a success, year after year.

The Doll Carriage Parade is just one of the events to look forward to

June 17 2012  


Saturday evening marked the 66th Anniversary of Lionism in Parrsboro as the club held its annual Charter Night.  

Ok what was the 'in' joke?

The Mayor speaks to the club

The head table, and SO good to see Elmer out among friends again



Once again this year the Lions Club, spearheaded by the LEOS will be hosting the annual Walk for Dog Guides, sponsored by Purina Dog Food.   This annual event raises funds to assist in the training of dog guides for many individuals in the nation.   The walk will take place starting at the Town Hall on May 27th at 2:00 pm.    Bring your dog and join the fun, solicit donations and present them to help out more.

Walk Date: May 27, 2012
Walk Time: 2:00 PM
Walk Location: Parrsboro Town Hall

Contact any LEO  or  for further information


District Governer joins for Dinner at Davison's             April 16, 2012

District Governor Peter Reid was in attendance at the monthly dinner meeting on April 12th which for this occasion was held at Davison's Pancake House to take advantage of the new batch of maple syrup.  A great turnout of Lions made the evening a warm and memorable one.

District Governor Peter Reid and King Lion Frank Hartman

What made the evening even MORE memorable was the fact that PDG Elmer Ling was able to return for the meeting after an extended absence due to illness.   It was uplifting for all to have Elmer come out and participate.  His presence has been sorely missed in recent months and everyone was thrilled that he was able to return to the fold of Lionism.

District Governor Peter Reid, King Lion Frank and PDG Elmer share a moment


LEOS kick off Relay for Life Fundraising in Style            March 2, 2012

Congratulations to the Leos' "Roar For the Cure" Relay for Life team for winning the $300 gas gift card. Thank you to the organizers for such a generous start to the Leos' fundraising. Much appreciated!! Just a heads up to everyone that we will be selling tickets on a gas card and a beautiful hooked rug donated by Marion Merriam in the near future. Fight back!!!


Dinner Meeting Gets 'the word' from SPAR                      February 17, 2012

Feb. 16th Parrsboro Lion’s Club invited Sarah MacPHerson, Health Promotion Coordinator, Public Health Services to talk to us about SPAR Community Health Board.

The informative talk showed us the many projects they are involved in and around our community and the many beneficial health services they assist or play the lead role in.

The contacts for information regarding SPAR services are Colleen Dowe at 667-3319 or   or Frank Hartman at 254-2078 or



Speak Out 2012 Highly Successful                             February 17, 2012

The Annual Lions Speak Out programme for High School students was brought to a successful conclusion yesterday evening when 30 Lions, parents, and friends gathered in the upper floor of the Lions Den to hear presentations by four participants.   These four young ladies had spent considerable time, and preparation getting ready to take on what most adults are afraid to do:   speak in public.

Four wonderful speakers

Sarah Outram, Phoenix Cavers, Taylor Rector, and Shayna Young had chosen their topics with care, and with some assistance had achieved what can only be described as remarkable success.   All four presented themselves extremely well, spoke with ease and grace and gave the panel of three judges an extremely difficult decision to make.  Only one could be selected to move on to further participation in the programme.   After long deliberation, and some interesting work with arithmetic, the judges decided that Sarah Outram would be this year's successful participant.    Congratulations to Sarah, but even equally congratulations to all participants for doing such a wonderful job! 

The judges were faced with a difficult decision to make

While Lion Lloyd won the job of timer by virtue of being the only one of us with a watch!!



Lions Partner with RCMP to continue Children's Fingerprint Programme

February 9, 2012            

Lion Shirley and Constable Rowal visited Mrs Willigar's class of 5 and 6 yr olds recently to continue the programme of fingerprinting the children of the Parrsboro Area.   The children of course took it all very seriously, as well they should as this is another safety service provided by the Lions.

Lion Shirley, Const Rowal and the children of Mrs Willigar's class

To learn more about this programme offered by the Lions see our Projects page.



Dinner Meeting well attended                                                                 January 20, 2012

The January dinner meeting was extremely well attended as word went out about the amazing gravy that accompanied the roast beef.  

We were fortunate that Angie Lohness, Service Centre Coordinator and Bev Cooke of the Canadian Red Cross attended and made an interesting presentation on the services that the Red Cross provides in time of need, and talked to us about the need for local volunteers in our area.

It was made clear that the degree of involvement would be at our own discretion, and that not just Lions are invited to apply.   We very much appreciate them taking the time to visit from Amherst and pass on this important and interesting information.




 Parrsboro Lions Club meeting King Lion Frank Hartman presents Lion Jerry Boutilier with pins for bringing in 3 new members 2010-2011 and for more than 5 new members in total


Leos Serve..... cookies                                  December 12, 2011

A local youth group has for the second straight year made Christmas a little brighter, and sweeter, for the residents at South Cumberland Community Care Centre.

The Parrsboro Leo Club gathered at the Lions Den on Dec. 20 to make cookies, which they then delivered to the residents.

"It's kind of an annual thing, at this point," said Lion Cheryl Johnson, supervisor of the Leo club. "The Leos enjoy... doing it, getting together and listening to the music."

Wanting to give back to the community in some way, and knowing the care centre is always looking for volunteers and visitors, the idea came together after the Leo club was formed last year, she explained.

Fifteen of the Leo club members, along with a couple visitors, took part in the afternoon activity, and had a nice visit with the residents, according to Johnson.

"The residents are always so pleased with even a card," she said. "It's so nice to see the kids really amazed at how thankful they were for something so small. They were really grateful they were there."
Leos show off the assembled cookies ready for delivery.
"LEOS Serve"

Wasn't that a Party?                                       December 6, 2011

The Lions kicked off their Christmas festivities with dinner and a dance.    Starting at the Glooscap where we were served a fabulous meal, the party then moved up to the Lions Den where Rob and Pattie provided an evening of tremendous music and entertainment.    The annual gift exchange elicited numerous humorous reactions and added to the overall merriment of the night.     A great evening of fun and fellowship for all Lions in attendance.

Parrsboro Lions gather at the Glooscap Restaurant for their annual Christmas dinner

Photograph by Lion Lawrence Nicoll


King Lion Frank sends all assembled Christmas greetings

Our very own Christmas elf!

And then the party repaired to the Lions Den..........


Rob and Pattie perform some great music                      While the group simply enjoys the music

Old Home Week Queen Kimberly and King Lion Frank shared the duties of the gift exchange


Adding the the fun was a surprise appearance by Kenny/Dolly!!

aka Lion Shirley....what a hoot and thank you!!

and the party carried on into the night.

Thank you to all who attended, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and have a very Merry Christmas

Wasn't that a party!!!!

Old Home Week Queen

Represents Lions at Tree Lighting

                                                                           November 26,2011

Old Home Week Queen Kimberley MacMillan was present yesterday evening at the annual Tree Lighting, helping lead the children in singing a song and assisting the winner of the draw Avery in lighting up Parrsboro for the Christmas season.  


Queen Kimberley greets the gathered crowd, leads the children in a song and asists light up the town.


New Lion Joins                                                                    November 19, 2011

At the November 17 dinner meeting the club was pleased to welcome new Lion Alexander Lich to the club.  Sponsored into the club by Lion Lyle, Alexander is a new resident of Parrsboro who has chosen to contribute to his new community through Lionism.

New Lion Alexander lights his candle, adding to the communcal light of Lionism in Parrsboro

Of course new Lion Alexander is a bit less impressed at receiving his badge of office as the new"Baby Lion" from past Baby Lion Crystal.   All in good fun and definitely in the spirit of Lionism

And in the true spirit of Lionism, at the same meeting Lion Ralph was presented with a pin identifying him as one of the two 'mentors'  for the new Springhill Lions Club.   This is a two year commitment to the new club and represents a significant commitment of time and energy by Lion Ralph.   Congratulations and thanks are very much in order for this contribution to Lionism.

Lion Ralph receiving his pin from King Lion Frank



Remembrance Day: 2011

Parrsboro, along with the rest of the nation, paused at the 11th hour, of the 11th month of this the 11th year of the new century, to remember with honour those who have fallen in defence our freedoms.     A large gathering took place at the Legion, recognizing that the inclement weather would preclude many of our local veterans from attending this day which is so important to them and to us.

Lion Hughie lays a wreath at the Remembrance Day ceremony on behalf of the Parrsboro Lions Club

Photograph by L Nicoll


Parrsboro Lions Receive Patch                                 November 8, 2011

The Parrsboro Lions Club received a special 'patch' to note their actions in sponsoring the new Springhill LIons Club.   King Lion Frank and several others were instrumental in assisting this newest Lions Club get off the ground in fine fashion, with an enthusiastic membership drive and memorable First Charter Night.

King Lion Frank Hartman shows off special patch presented to the Parrsboro Lions Club in  commemoration of the efforts to assist Springhill Lions Club in their inaugural organization.


Elmer Ling Celebrates 93rd Birthday                         October 28, 2011

Parrsboro Lions want to wish Elmer all the best on this his 93rd birthday.   While Elmer is recuperating in Springhill Hospital, several Lions gathered in the hospital common room to help him celebrate this momentous occasion.   Presentations were made on behalf of the Prime MInister and of course there was a cake to aid the festivities along.

All the best Elmer, Happy Birthday and get well soon and back to supporting Lionism in Parrsboro.



I pledge allegiance to my country and to the cause of peace throughout the world.  I believe in the principles of Lionism as contained in the “Lions Code of Ethics”.  I am proud to be a Lion, dedicated to the service of others.”



At Home for Elmer Ling Postponed             October 20, 2011

It is with regret that we announce that the celebration planned for Elmer on October 28th has been postponed.   It would just not be the same if Elmer weren't there, so we will wait his recovery from this temporary setback and reschedule at a later date.   In the meantime keep Elmer in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.


Arena Opening Delayed

While we are postponing things, unfortunately the opening of the Arena has been delayed until October 24th.  Warmer than expected temperatures are affecting the ice making and the extra three days is needed to ensure a safe surface on opening day.   Apologies to all who were holding their breath.   Take a deep breath now...


Lions Paint Ice at Arena                                October 19, 2011

Something probably no one ever thinks about...where do the blue lines, red lines..., circles and especially the centre ice logo come from? How do they get into the ice.

Well the secret is out...they are hand painted by your local Lions assisted by a couple of incredibly talented volunteers.     So next time you glide over them, you know.
Lions "We Serve"


Ice Set to go in at Arena                                              October 7, 2011



Now our icemaker is not as old as this one, or as small as that one, but it IS ready to swing into action on October 11th.    Ice-making at the Arena will commence on that date and it is anticipated that the Arena will be open for the application of cold steel by October 21st.    Again, well done and thank you to the Arena Committee.   None of this would be possible without your dedication and hard work.



Major Upgrades Completed at Lions Arena                September 26, 2011

The Lions Arena has been upgraded in several locations, most of which will be unseen by the public.  Similar to painting a ceiling, noone will walk in and be amazed by the changes, as most of them will be not obvious.   However, these upgrades represent a major investment in the Arena and are the result of signifiant efforts by the Club, and particularly the Arena Committee.

A heat recovery system, new low emissivity ceiling insulation, energy efficient lighting, and an upgrade to the sprinkler system have all been now completed.    Total cost?  In the neighbourhood of $80,000.

These amazing results were achieved as a result of participation in The Ice Rink Energy Programme and through NS Power's energy reduction programme.   The old lighting was replaced with low consumption fluorescent fixtures which reduce the heat burden in the building yet provide better illumination.   The club will be responsible for 20% of the cost of this upgrade, and will be paying it over the next two years as part of the bi-montly power bill:  basically a no interest loan.


Old lights removed, and new lights installed.

The entire ceiling has now been fitted with a low emissivity insulation which will reduce heat absorption by the roof by 28%, a significant saving when one considers that heat absorption into a chilled arena is considered basically...a not good thing.   Partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia this system is valued in excess of $33,000 and will significantly reduce oil consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

The new insulated ceiling, which apparently improves the acoustics of the building as well

In conjunction with the ceiling work, a heat recovery system was installed part of which includes two large water tanks.   Once again in partnership with NS Efficiency this system comes in at an approximate cost of $34,000 with the Lions responsible for 20% of the cost.

Installation equipment moving out on completion of the renovations

Lions Jerry Boutilier and Ralph DeVille discuss details with Project Manager Derek Hawes

Two new water tanks as part of the heat recovery system

As if that was not enough however, the entire sprinkler system was replaced.   It was identified as being past its safe age and was replaced with an advanced galvanized system which is predicted to last significantly longer than a conventional system, even if at a higher initial cost.

The entire Arena Committee is to be congratulated for doing the research and paperwork which has permitted the club to make all these significant changes to the community Lions Arena.



A Personal Message from King Lion Frank Hartman            September 18, 2011

Fellow Lions

Congratulations to the Parrsboro Lions Club. This weekend at the Fall Cabinet Meeting in Liverpool our club won the Membership Growth Award and won the Most Improved Club out of 69 clubs.

It's Great To Be A Lion!!!!!

Thanks to each and every member; new lions and veteran lions; we are a family who serves our community and world because we care.

KL Frank


Parrsboro Lions Club Receives Provincial Recognition      September 18, 2011

Congratulations to the Parrsboro Lions Club. This weekend at the Fall Cabinet Meeting in Liverpool our club won the Membership Growth Award and won the Most Improved Club out of 69 clubs.

It's Great To Be A Lion!

What King Lion neglected to mention in his email to the membership was that he was awarded 2nd Runner Up as Best President in the Province.    It is great to see this recognition of his efforts which have resulted in the other two awards for the club.

 Membership Growth Trophy awarded to Parrsboro Lions Club 2011   

      If you read carefully you will note that this trophy was originally donated by PDG Elmer Ling

King Lion Frank Hartman receives the Most Improved Club Award at the Fall Cabinet meeting

King Lion Frank Hartman receives 2nd Runner up Trophy as Best Lions President in Nova Scotia

(We however beg to differ)


Lions Help Bay of Fundy Coverage        September 15, 2011

While it seems the entire Town of Parrsboro turned out for CTV's early morning coverage of the push to make the Bay of Fundy one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Lions were there as well.   Assisting in parking control from the initial moments and helping safeguard attendees just prior to the lift off of the helicopter at the end of the event.

Once again, "We Serve"


Leadership and Dedication Recognized       September 15, 2011

Pictured below is KL Frank Hartman presenting Lion Cheryl Johnson with the Leo Club Advisor Service Award for leadership in mentoring, educating and overseeing the new Parrsboro Leo Club.

Congratulations and well done Cheryl for taking on this project to benefit the youth of our community.


Lions Aid for Sight and Hearing              September 15, 2011


One of the most effective ways Lions help people with hearing loss or impairment is through our hearing aid recycling program. Lions recycle thousands of hearing aids a year that enhance the lives of adults and children worldwide.

For nearly 100 years, our members have worked on projects aimed at preventing blindness, restoring eyesight and improving eye care for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Your local Lions are now collecting used glasses and hearing aids in support of these efforts.  You can leave your old glasses and hearing aids, even non functional ones, at the Co-op and Pharmasave and help this effort to improve life for thousands around the world.

Your used stamps can also be placed in these same boxes.   Please leave a small border around each stamp.

With our heartfelt thanks.

Look for these collection boxes for your contributions


Parrsboro Lions Grow Again                           September 8, 2011

On Sept. 8 Four new members were sworn in at  Parrsboro Lions Club.   Lions goal to help in our community and the world continues to induce new members to help the good work all Lions love to do.

Left to right are new Lions:   Lion Charlene Lake , Lion Crystal Melanson, Lion Troy Melanson and Lion Greg Mathews

Overseeing the ceremony are Lion Ralph Deville and King Lion Frank Hartman


Lions Help Local Youth Development Programme    August 15, 2011

Every Monday and Wednesday, at the Lions Den/Arena there is an open programme for children up to Grade 12 held.   The programme is being conducted by Amanda Brown under the auspices of the Heartwood Centre for Community Youth.  

HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development is a registered charitable organization who’s mission is youth engagement for positive community change. They work with youth to develop their skills and confidence as community leaders. They also train and coach adults to meaningfully engage youth.

Their Youth Development and Leadership Programs provide experiential learning experiences for youth to develop their personal leadership qualities through teamwork, community participation, outdoor adventure, and helping others. These programs are focused regionally in Nova Scotia, and provide them with the direct relationships with young people to continue to enhance our understanding on how to best serve them.

It is under this programme that this Children's Activity Programme is being offered here in Parrsboro. 

Supported by Maggies Place with a small fund for equipment, snacks and other materials, the Lions support this programme by providing the Den/Arena free of charge.

This has to be the best kept secret in town and deserves our support, and deserves to be widely advertised.  They are hoping to plan a 'big' trip to a water park or perhaps Magic Mountain toward the end of the summer.   In the meantime, this coming Sunday Amanda will be holding a Fun Day for all who show up. 

To find out more about HeartWood follow the link.   To participate, simply show up.  No registration. No charge.  Just what is readily apparent is that all who have come out so far this summer, have had a ball!!

Amanda Brown, more or less cheerfully accepting her fate as 'team leader' of the losing team in one of the water games played in the parking lot at the Lions Arena


Some of the participants in the children activity programme sponsored by HeartWood and aided by the Lions and Maggies Place


Lions, Leos and families Picnic    August 13, 3011

Absolutely perfect weather arrived just in time for the First Annual Lions and Leos Family Day Picnic.   King Lion Frank and his small committee put together a fun afternoon for all who attended, although we did decide to forgo the sack races in favour of another hamburger.


Lions, Leos, friends and family gather in the brilliant sunshine and gentle breeze for an enjoyable afternoon.


While some set up the volleyball net, others got right into some spirited competition with a washer toss

Considerable enthusiasm was demonstrated as a pickup volleyball game started

Although in some instances there was a difficulty in deciding which way to 'volley' the ball

At the same time a succession of volunteers ended up in the outdoor canteen handling cooking and set up for serving honours

Eventually the volleyball got organized enough to actually need line judges


Of course it could not be a proper Lions event without the Lions feasting!   And what can taste better than dining in the outdoors with friends and family?


Even food did not deflect the attentions of the dedicated 'washer tossers'.    And OHW Queen Kimberly showed all how form when delivering a toss is all important.

Overall the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all.   It was a terrific way to thank all Lions and Leos, and of course their long suffering and understanding families, for all the time, effort and dedication to putting on the 64th annual Old Home Week.   It was a pleasure to be able to just get together and enjoy each others' company without having to plan, discuss, plot, scheme or worry about what needed to be done next.  

A hearty thank you and well done to the committee who put this together, as well as thanks to Tissy Boliver from the Town Recreation Department for assisting with the loan of some equipment.

Looking forward to next years picnic already.


Old Home Week Queen visits FPW Fireman's Field Day     August 6, 2011

Parrsboro's new Old Home Week Queen started in on her official 'duties' representing our community and the Lions with a visit to the FPW Fireman's Field Day on Saturday 6 August.   Kimberly MacMillan attended the festivities and along with King Lion Frank participated in the parade to the grounds.  

OHW Queen Kimberly MacMillan and King Lion Frank during the FPW Fireman's Parade


Lions Continue to Grow

Three members of the community joined the Lions at the last meeting, held on 4 August at the Lions Den.    Sharlene Lake, Troy and Crystal Melanson had all expressed interest in joining the Lions and we are pleased to welcome them all to the quietest, hardest working group in the County.

At the same time King Lion Frank announced that the Parrsboro Lions Club would be assisting a group of 20 interested people in Springhill in the start up of a Lions Club for that community.   A meeting in Springhill will be arranged in the near future with Lion Peter Jeffrey,  Coordinator of the Global Membership Team and those who wish to start their own club for the town of Springhill.

(Latest update:  there are now 27 expressing interest in forming a Lions Club in Springhill)



Parrsboro Old Home Week

July 19, 2011    Well that was the week that was!  

A terrific week to help celebrate our past, and our town's birthday, and the promise for the future!    The 64th Annual Old Home Week went off, not without a  hitch 'cos it just wouldn't be right if it did, but with the addition of a couple of new 'events', and a refinement of what has gone on in the past, good crowds turned out for every occasion and everyone celebrated and simply enjoyed themselves.   

A sincere well done to all Lions who contributed to the success of the week.  This was truly a Lions event and is the one time over the course of the year that the Lions are very much evident in the public eye.  The remainder of the year Lions work quietly in the background, in a multitude of causes, all for the benefit of their local community, and the global community.    In particular a well done and huge thank you to King Lion Frank Hartman who spearheaded the organization of this wonderful week.  With the continuous support of all Lions, and in particular Sarah, he was instrumental in involving the town Recreation Department and the local RCMP in two new events.

King Lion Frank Hartman and his lovely bride Sarah

See the Old Home Week page for details on this fun week, or the archive page for a bare bones review, or to revisit all the photographs and commentary of the entire week.

Planning will now begin for Old Home Week 2012, July 9 - 14, 2012 and we would love to see more events added or the return of events previously held.    Want to see a return of the go cart races on King Street?  Want to add an event?   Talk to a Lion, or better still, become a Lion and help organize something new and fun for our community.


Be sure to visit Parrsboro for all information on our community.


Purina Walk for Guide Dogs
The LEO Club is proud to be the sponsors  for this annual event to raise funds to help train guide dogs for the visually impaired.

LEOs Hold Successful Walk for Dog Guides


Cool temperatures, gusty winds and drizzle could not stop the LEO club from holding the annual Purina Walk for Dog Guides today. With live entertainment on the band shell, and hot dogs and hamburgers on the Town Hall porch the group once again gave of their time and efforts to assist others.  $100 was raised in this effort to assist the programme to train guide dogs for the visually impaired.     Well done the LEOs.

Live entertainment by more young people of the community added to the LEOs Walk for Dog Guides on June 25th


Lions Participate in Fire Fighter Canada Day Parade

Lions Ralph and Lawrence share a moment with 2010 Old Home Week Queen Alyson Pickard before the Canada Day Parade

Members of the LEO Club greeting children along the parade route on Canada Day.


LEO Kylee Smith hands out treats to spectators along the route.

Old Home Week 2010 Queen Alyson Pickard leads the Lions contingent in the annual Fire Fighter's Canada Day Parade

The Lions Club once again participated in the annual Fire Fighter's Canada Parade.  Riding a float with the Queen of 2010 Old Home Week, the Lions advertised their presence in the community.   The Lions Club was accompanied on foot by a solid representation from the LEO Club, the youth branch of the Lions for 12 - 18 yr olds who passed out treats to the children along the parade route.

2010 Old Home Week Queen Alyson Pickard spent a very busy Canada Day representing the Lions first in the parade, then at Ottawa House and was eventually spotted at the Fire Hall. A terrific representative for the Lions and the town.



King Lion Frank and Lion David help the LEOs raise funds with a Concert in the Park June 12, 2011


6 July 2011

It is with great sadness we acknowledge the passing of a brother Lion.    Clyde Perry had been a Lion for over 42 years, the second longest in the Parrsboro Club and will be greatly missed.

Disappointing as it may be to so many who wish to say goodbye, but in accordance with Clyde's own wishes there will be no public service.  A private family service will be held at a later date.   But true to form, his wishes were that memorial donations be made to the Lions Club of Parrsboro.


But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will rise up on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.



Parrsboro Old Home Week
July 11 - 16, 2011

A week long celebration of Parrsboro's past, and by encouraging youth involvement, its future. Watch the calendar for all the various events taking place during this week of fun


July 11, 2011

Family Kite Flying  2:30 pm  Partridge Island Beach

July 12, 2011

Bike Rodeo  2 PM  Parrsboro Lions Arena Parking Lot

July 13, 2011

Old Home Week Parade  6:30 pm starting at the High School

July 14, 2011

Doll Carriage Parade  2:00 pm

Queen’s Contestant Supper 4:00 - 6:00 pm  Trinity United Church

Queen contestants Mickayla, Taylor, Jordan and Kimberley

July 15, 2011

Queen and Contestant 'Tea' at the Glooscap prior to the crowning


Crowning of Old Home Week Queen
7:00 pm  Lions Arena

2011 - 2012 Old Home Week Queen Kimberly Macmillan and her court

First Princess Mickayla David

Miss Congeniality Jordyn Cormier

July 16, 2011

Entertainment at Lions Arena


Good crowd on hand to Watch Miss Kimberly MacMillan Crowned Old Home Week Queen 2011 - 2012
A large crowd gathered at the Lions Arena to celebrate the selection of Miss Kimberly Macmillan as Old Home Week Queen for 2011 - 2012. 
The four contenders for the title were taken out for a dessert refreshment at the Glooscap Restaurant just before the final selection ceremony.  
Jittery nerves did not prevent them all from enjoying themselves.  However, they did have to contend the inevitable photo-op.
The 2010 Queen Alyson Pickard was then escorted to the main stage by King Lion Frank Hartman
The contestants were then escorted by members of the Lions to the main stage.
Once assembled on Stage King Lion Frank Hartman thanked all of the contestants and many others who had contributed to make Old Home Week such a success.
Mayor Lois Smith was on hand to greet and congratulate the contestants and wish Parrsboro Happy Birthday on its 122nd anniversary.
Finally, much to the relief of the girls who were visibly nervous while awaiting the results, King Lion Frank announced the selection of Miss Kimberly Macmillan as Old Home Week Queen 2011 - 2012.   She was presented with her tiara, robe, flowers and invited to address the audience.
Queen Kimberly MacMillan
Parrsboro's Royalty 2011 - 2012
Queen Kimberly MacMillan,  First Princess Mickalya Davis
Princesses Taylor Rector and Jordyn Cormier
Miss Congeniality Jordyn Cormier
Queen Contestant Dinner well attended
The Queen Contestant dinner, held at the United Church, got off to a slow start at 4:00 pm but finished with a packed house and next to nothing left over.   It was just as well it started slow as each contestant was removed to a side room to be questioned by the two judges who will determine the Queen for 2011.
All girls received many compliments from attendees on their deportment and sense of humour as they kept up with  the crowd.
All the contestants were kept hopping during the entire service, and all managed to keep their smiles firmly in place.
Doll Carriage Parade well attended, incredibly creative
The annual Doll Carriage Parade kicked off from the old Post Office at 2:00 pm with a large number or participants, each showing some tremendous creativity and ingenuity .  
A good crowd was on hand to watch the parade down Main Street from the old Post Office to the Band Shell
and the winners of the three categories:  doll carriage, bicycle, and wagon
Doll Carriage Category:
1st place -  "All The Way From Australia" - Tiana Cole and Conyer Cole
2nd Place - "Snow White" - Emma, Jorja, Erin Trothier, Cameron, Averi and Scarlett Clagnon
3rd Place - "Flounder Pounder Girls" - Dakota and MacKenzie Ferdinand and Gracie Taylor
1st Place - "Little Boy Blue" - Evan Aylward
2nd Place - "Flower Girl" - Ashley Dowe
3rd Place - "Parrsboro Trucking Company" -  Zachary McCully
Cart or Wagon
1st Place - "Old Home Week Queen 2025" - Sadie Yorke
2nd Place - "Farmers Daughter" - Avery and Regan Redmond, Kirah Pigdon
3rd Place - "Nanna's & Grampa's Honey Bunny" - Ella Ans
and selected as the most creative
"Ginger Bread House" - Aiden and Braxton McCully, Lily, Keelan and Krish Fulton, Taylor Smith, Walker Siddall, Zack Yorke,Cogan McCulley, Lucas Hurley.
Great Turnout for Old Home Week Parade
Lions began to assemble at the High School at 5:00 pm to ensure the parade went smoothly.
The weather cooperated, except for a bit of wind, and this years' Old Home Week Parade stepped off to a warm reception from a good turnout all along the route.   What was even more gratifying was the large numbers of young people participating in the parade itself.  Supported once again by local businesses, churches and other organizations the parade was once again, a grand success!!   Thank you to all who participated.
2010 Old Home Week Queen Alyson Pickard met with those hoping to replace her before the parade.   Choosing a queen is going to be a very, very difficult job this year.


Of course during the parade, the Queen gets multiple horsepower, the contenders get
Old Home Week Queen 2010 Alyson Pickard
Lions were in evidence all along the parade route to help with traffic control and keep everyone safe!
And of course the hit of the parade, and eventual winner, was the jug band!!
Thank you to all who put out the effort to make this year's parade most memorable.  Lions, community members, business and organizations alike, this could not have happened without you!!
Bike Rodeo a Terrific Success
The rain disappeared, and the kids came out .....big time!!    Thirty three young riders participated in the Old Home Week Bike Rodeo hosted by the Lions in partnership with the RCMP and Mike's Bike Shop of Moncton, NB. 
The participants first assembled for a briefing on safe riding practices, then had their helmets individally checked for fit and suitability.
They then went on to a safety inspection of their bikes, some instruction on hand signals before proceeding on to an 'obstacle course' on which they were able to demonstrate their newly learned skills.
Two of the young participants on 'the course'
At the end of the course they received a hot dog and drink courtesy of the Lions, and everyone received a prize drawn at random for bike helmets, bike water bottles and other assorted 'goodies'
Lion Ralph prepares for the participants
Participant bikes waiting for retrieval
King Lion Frank hands out certificates to all 33 participants
First Annual Old Home Week Kite Derby a success
The weather cooperated, the folks came out, and a great time was had by all at Partridge Island beach with a wide variety of kites (and success) for this first time event.    Well done to King Lion Frank and Tissy Boliver for getting this one.... off the ground.
Some of the participants at the Kite Derby
Some samples of the kites airborne.
  Some creativity turned this one into the highest kite of the afternoon.
Unfortunately a failed knot turned it into the furthest kite as well...
Even the wrappers provided some fun.   
King Lion Frank and Tissy Boliver of the Municipal Recreation Department were on hand to pass out ribbons and coupons for ice cream at Ottawa House.
And of course when some visitors from Massachusetts managed to bog down in the soft sand, Lions once again proved that "We Serve"





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