On Thursday November 20th, 2014 at our supper meeting we had a guest of honor grace us with his presence the honorable DG Frank Hartman and his charming wife Lion Sarah. Parrsboro is DG Frank's home club, and he presented himself with poise and elegance with a bit of laughter of course. There were numerous presentations that evening including a couple of lovely Lions from another club who has decided to step down due to health  reasons but they presented the club with all their pins as they always felt Welcomed by the Parrsboro Lions during their visits. The DG also gave a wonderful presentation in hopes and what he would like to see accomplish in his term. He hen did some presenting of his Banners to Lion Jackie and Lion Rob. As a club earlier months we decided that Lin Lewis should be made a lifetime Lions member so DG Frank presented him with a nice framed lifetime award. Then we made our club grow a litter larger, we inducted 4 new Lions...Lion BRENDA MACNUTT, Lion PATSY SIMMONDS, Lion PAUL HILL, and Lion MITCH WHITE( also the new baby lion)...So fun was held by all hope you enjoy the pictures taken by Lion Lawrence.


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