Identnr. 3502

Clubnr. 01-80-52

Multiple District 60

Sub-District 60A

Region 1

Zone 1B



Up to 1960 there was only one (1) Lions club in Suriname and the Caribbean, namely Lions Club Paramaribo, now known as Lions Club Paramaribo Central.

The need for more Lions Clubs was obvious and the next club, Lions Club Para,  was born, followed by Lions Club Paramaribo North and Lions Club Nieuw Nickerie.

Lions Club Paramaribo North was thus sponsored by Lions Club Paramaribo Central. To assist in the establishment of the new club, Lion Alfonso De Negri, a member of the Secretariat of Lions Clubs International, arrived in Suriname.

On the 31st of August 1960 LCI was informed that the initiators already had 28 young men accepting the challenge to start the new club, Lions Club Paramaribo North. Upon approval by LCI the first official meeting, presided by the first President, lion H.M.E. Bergen, was called on 16th of September 1960, the dateline of the Charter. This date became known as the charterdate of the club. The meetings were held on the Wednesday afternoons in the "B.S. Het Park"

The Charter was presented on the 23rd of December 1960 in the residence of Lion P. Kappel, the first Tailtwister. Amongst the invited guests was the interim Governor, Dr. G. Nagtegaal. The charter was signed by the 28 chartermembers.



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