"Access to education is a challenge for people living in developing countries. In Uganda, the need was critical for mothers of preschool children who had to work – but had no child care options."
Lions in Masaka saw a need of serving a community around them and began a nursery school which they named Lions Nursery School. In his words one the Charter members and founding member of the Lions Nursery School Management Commitee, Ln Dr. Herman Joseph Musiitwa said “In our community, there’s a need for a school of this type.” “There are lots of schools around, but they don’t really take into consideration each and every need of a young child,” he concluded.
After applying and acquiring the Children’s Park on plot 8-12 Edward Avenue, Lions Club of Masaka remodeled its organization and functioning into a children’s nursery school.
The club proposed to run the following activities in the Centre.
i)   Nursery School.
ii)  Play Centre with indoor and out door facilities.
iii) Children’s Library.
iv) Daycare Centre.
v)  Children’s Canteen.
To-date the Lions of Masaka have managed to set up the Lions Nursery School coupled with a play centre fitted with indoor and out door facilities for the children. The Club is planning to improve facilities at the nursery school by accomplishing the following activities:
i)   Set up a water harvesting system
ii)  Put up a storage facility for the food items
iii) Acquire a bus to transport school children to and from the nursery school.

Having received an LCIF grant of U$ 62,235 the Lions of Masaka were able to build and operate an early childhood education center. Construction of the education started in 2003 and the Nursery School and Play Centre were launched in February 2004. To date three hundred and fifty (350) children access nursery education at the Lions Children's Nursery School. The Lions Club Nursery School in Masaka is the top nursery school in the city. Lions volunteer on a regular basis, helping in the classroom and other areas of school administration. The Lions are heavily involved in the school and make sure the children have all the tools they need. 

The School is headed by Mrs. Jascent Nakimbugwe Katumba assisted by a Deputy Headmistress,  and  18 other staff members comprising of both teaching and non teaching staff. The school staff has tremendous energy, and a real gift for capturing the children’s enthusiasm and respect.  In class, children learn essential skills that prepare them for their next stage in life. The children also enjoy working with the Lions. 

Everyday, Lions and school staff greet 350 eager and joyful preschool children, ranging in age from 3-6 years old. Together, they work to prepare them for grade school in a fun and engaging way. Admittance is on a first come first serve basis and there is usually a waiting list to get in.


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