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At their March 21 dinner meeting, the Madison Lions presented their Civic Service Award 2012 to Senior Shannon Wood.  Lion Ronald Hicks is the presenter.  Congratulations Shannon!










Wine Tasting Plans underway (Sometime in Spring)


BELOW WE ARE SHOWING some pictures from the annual event, the  HARVEST FESTIVAL  (also called the BAUER PARK FESTIVAL)








    Lions' Food Services  (not shown) are

    to benefit

    Madison Community Services










18 August 2012:

Person of the Week (THE SOURCE):  The Madison Lions Club's Marinus deJongh is chosen to be" Person of the Week" (subtitle "Tilting at Windmills -- Successfully").  Congratulations!  Marinus is writing a book about windmills, has been last year's president of the Madison Lions Club, and he has been district governor.  What an achievement for the immigrant helicopter engineer from Holland!


September 2011:

Lions participate in the 9/11 decennial commemoration by providing and distributing the program






























23 September 2011:

State Senator Edward Meyer is the guest speaker at our dinner meeting.  Marinus deJongh introduces him and is caught to look a bit puzzled in one of the pictures below smiley

Senator Ed Meyer introduced by Marinus








As of 6 September 2011

Madison Lions rented, erected, then took down personally, the enormous total of 33 tents since May 4, 2011.  

9 additional tents are scheduled through the end of October, three of which are for the Bauer Park Fall Festival on October 15.


For information, click on "Home" in the upper left margin of this page and then see "Tent Rental" 



19 June 2011:

Lions Day 2011 (also known as Madison Lions Fleamarket and Tag Sale) has been a success again, and again it took place under blue skies.  Some unusually hard workers are pictured below:

       Still helping out in the Food Booth are former member Thom McCarthy and Mrs. McCarthy

            Actual members, Tony and George

                 Ekkehard, Ray, Andy



November 2010:  Miss Be Thankful (You Can See) award
1.  The faculty of Daniel Hand High School has selected the student who is to receive the Miss Be Thankful 2010/2011 award.  Her identity is kept a secret
2. Her eyes have been photographed, a flyer printed, envelopes addressed and stuffed with the flyer, and this has been mailed to all Madison households with a request to donate to eye research
3.  The identity has been revealed.  The Lions honor high school senior Meghan Cummings in the presence of her family
Miss Be Thankful 2010/2011 Meghan Cummings and family
4.  This years contribution from the Miss Be Thankful campaign will go to the Pediatric Eye Center at Yale University.  Meghan presented a check for this purpose to the president of the Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation as a downpayment to Madison's contribution to eye research. 


November 2010: Ambassador of Sight

The Low Vision Centers of New Haven & Fairfield Counties have recognized  Ekkehard Tscholl as a Gene G. Poulos, PDG, Ambassador of Sight

Ekkehard is pictured here receiving the award.  His pride is shared here by his spouse Kornelia

Prior ambassador of sight awards:   Dick Borner, Marinus deJongh, Dave Longobucco, Russ Martin, Lou Tresselt, George Basler, Burt Chalker, Tony Fappiano, Ron Hick, Harry Robinson




May 2010:  Public Service award to Robert G. Hale

Bob Hale

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