Polson Middle School
  (Advisor: Lion Lou Tresselt)

  Daniel Hand High School
  (Advisor Lion Cheryl Campbell)


DHHS Leo Club
November 3, 2010 Report

Respectively submitted by Cheryl T Campbell


 We are off to a great start with the 2010-2011 Leo Club at Daniel Hand High School. The following are just a few reasons why these kids are so fantastic:

    * With over ½ of our 15 active members graduating in June of 2010 the possibility of a viable club continuing through the 2011 year was rather bleak, but the seven remaining members are absolutely fantastic! They recruited new students and we are up to 20 ACTIVE members 6 weeks into our new year with new potential members showing up every week.
    * They are planning many activities, besides our traditional fundraisers, they are concentrating on setting up several new monthly “programs”. These will include:


o Share the Music. Ensembles groups will perform at a nursing home or senior center once every month.


o Share the Warmth. Once every month the group will gather to make ‘blankets’ to donate to the homeless. The cost of the Fleece Fabric will come out of the Leo ‘profits’ but the labor is done with love (aka FOR FREE).

o Share the Word. Our Leos will choose a book, purchase it and read it to children grades K-4 once a month and then donate the book to the school
    * Of course they will continue to support the Madison Lions by providing enthusiastic help during our Bauer Farm and Lions Day Events.

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Food Drive:

High School Leos with Cheryl Campbell (in red) receive an award from Community Services

Daniel Hand High School Leos, with their advisor Lion Cheryl Campbell (in red) receive an award from Madison Community Services




Leo's Food Drive for Madison Community Services

Food Drive by the Polson Middle School Leos for Madison Community Services






Duck Race:

All these ducks have yet to line up for the great Madison Leos Duck Race:












Leos and Cheryl Campbell are shown here with, both, ducks and duck food on the table:



It took only four of the Leos to walk the ducks to the river: 







Some nervous ducks were getting cold feet:






The race is on.  The ducks are under way! 






The Press:








We do not have a photograph of the starting gate.  So, we show you two helpers with some ducks and the ingredients for a starting gate:






Eye glass collection:

The Polson Middle School Leos are amusing us with some sun glasses
which they had found in the eye glass collection boxes while sorting


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