Becoming a member of Lions Clubs International is mutually beneficial to both the member and the Club. These benefits can only be realized when there is a total commitment and involvement by both parties.

For the Member

· Community Service
· Personal Growth
· Prestige of belonging to the world's largest service organization
· Develop leadership skills
· Fun and Fellowship
· Enlarge your circle of friends
· Networking opportunities

For the Club

· Increased membership
· New Ideas
· More "hands" for service
· Greater opportunity and potential
· Increased talent & skills
· Greater impact on the community
· Expansion of fund raising capabilities
· Expansion of community service
· Recipient of your unique talents, knowledge
  and expertise
· Another representative in the community to
  promote the concept of giving and serving

Membership Requirements

· Sponsorship by a fellow West Charleston Lions Club member
· Approval of the Board of Directors.
· Payment of $60 initiation fee, 
annual dues of $145 (Two Semi-Annual Payments of $72.50) and $12 for lunch at the meetings you attend.
· Willingness for commitment and involvement in club and community



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