​I can report that the appeal for toys for Children in the Bolton Area was yet again a massive success. Bolton Lions Club itself packed and delivered toys to a record 1,299 Children, well up on last year's figure of 1,000 children. As a whole Bolton Lions and it's partners (Urban Outreach, Bolton at Home and Bolton Lads and Girls Club) supplied toys to 1,602 children, slightly down on last year's total of 1,625 children.

​We cannot achieve this without the people of Bolton supplying us with toys and giving donations of money.

​We average about 5 or 6 toys per child, so the numbers of toys we need are approaching 10,000, this is a mammoth task and many businesses, churches, schools and individual members of the Bolton public help us in achieving this target. For this I must thank every one of you for doing this.

We as members of Bolton Lions Club look forward to the next appeal starting in November, and feel confident that the people of Bolton will come through with the necessary toys as they always do.

Lion John Crompton

19th February 2017




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