5827 Dean Dairy Road, Zephyrhills    (813) 788-1441


Doors are unlocked at 3:00 PM to enter the hall.  Paper sales begin at 3:00 and games begin at 6:00 PM.

Our twice-weekly BINGO Program offers the maximum prize payout money that is allowed by law and more than $3,000 payout prize money is awarded out every evening.  Payout prize money is not affected by attendence and does not decrease during the summer months when our snowbirders are up north and our normal attendence is down.

Our kitchen unfortunately remains closed.  A variety of snack cakes, chips, candy bars, bottled water and soft drinks will be available in the hall 3:00 to 6:00, and also during the program intermission.

The Lions Club has no restrictions on players bringing in their own food items so feel free to.  In addition, a microwave is available for our players useage.

We look forward to continuing to provide our BINGO Program for you,  and sincerely do appreciate your  continued loyalty and patronage.

There is NO SMOKING allowed anywhere on Lions property except within the Smokers Shelter that is located at the rear of the building.

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If you need further information, please call Lion John at (813) 783-4808


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