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The Foundation was created in the fall of 2000, incorporated to manage funds generated by the sale of Wyoming Hydro-Electric Commission to Hydro-One Inc., and to use the revenue generated by such funds for the benefit of the residents of the former Village of Wyoming. Following the sale of the Village Hydro utility, a portion of the funds was used to build a new Wyoming Fire Hall on Main Street in Wyoming, and the balance invested with the incorporation of the Wyoming Community Foundation.

Since its inception in late 2000, the Foundation has donated a just over $500,000 to the community in response to requests submitted for various projects from year to year. (list of groups receiving donations listed under Groups Supported)

The Foundation meets on an as needed basis (2 to 3 times a year) and holds an annual Public Meeting in December each year. The Board is composed of five members, all volunteers, each of whom serve three year terms.


Board of Directors

Chairperson            Pat Davidson

                                Jim Turnbull

                                Brian Fowler

                                Murray Marsh

                                John Hackney

Secretary                 Caroline DeSchutter



Caroline DeSchutter at E-Mail,

John Hackney at E-Mail,                          




-        Investment Portfolio Reviewed

-        Application Deadline


-        Annual Meeting

-        Review of Applications


Application / Approval Process


1.      Group applying for Funds to obtain Application Form.

-        Forms can be found within this WEB site or from Foundation Members

2.      Group applying completes Application Form.

3.      Completed Application Form and Current Financial Statement to be submitted by specified deadline date to Foundation Secretary’s E-mail (Listed in this WEB site).

-        Deadline date is posted in public notice and on this WEB site

4.      Foundation Secretary will pull together all completed Application Forms and Financial Statements by Deadline date.

5.      Foundation Members will review received Application Forms.

6.      Foundation Secretary will contact Groups applying for Funds by Year End indicating Funds they will receive.



People that wish to provide Donations to the Wyoming Community Foundation can do so by contacting the Wyoming Community Foundation Secretary or any one of the Wyoming Community Foundation Directors.


Groups Supported

Plymption-Wyoming Wellness Centre

Wyoming Firemen’s Association                                

Wyoming Minor Ball

Wyoming Lions Club                                                     

Lawrence House Centre for the Arts

Town of Plympton Wyoming                                      

Lambton County Library – Wyoming Branch

Lambton County Developmental Services 

Wyoming Legion

Plympton Wyoming Parks And Recreation Board

Wyoming Soccer 

Plympton Wyoming Agricultural Society

Trail Committee

Plympton Wyoming Historical Society  

John Knox Christian School

Petrolia Family Health Study 

Wyoming Scouts


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