Sportsmans Roadside Park Beautification Project


Five Wirt County Lions Club members and 2 guests woke up early on May 11, 2012 to hollow out the unattractive stumps that remained after some trees had been cut down to plant flowers in for the community's enjoyment.

It may have taken several chain saws and a great deal of country ingenuity, but the resulting "flower pots" are now an attractive addition to the Park!  They are located in the children's play area and along the paved walking path.

The seven sweaty team members then went to a local diner to partake in a well-deserved and delicious breakfast!





Our ambitious membership adopted a 3.2 mile stretch of WV Route 14 which encompasses the dreaded "Elizabeth Hill."  The Adopt-A-Highway program indicates that the adopted section of roadway must be cleaned at least twice per year.  The club decided on an evening pickup due to the day's sweltering heat.  Three members and three non-members gathered at the appointed time and began an uphill battle that would last 2 hours!  Exhausted, but pleased with their progress, these troopers chose to continue the battle the following evening.

Unbeknownst to the remaining five - one intrepid volunteer appeared on the scene an hour and a half early the next evening to begin the downward trek on the opposite side!  The rest of the crew showed up at the appointed hour and work in concert to clear the roadway of debris in the next two hours.

With this roadway being the main thoroughfare in and out of the county, it sure is nice to see it clean again!

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