Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Winona Rivertown Lion Nancy Goltz and her husband Dan were in Chinendega, Nicaragua with the Wisconsin Lions Mission for 10 days in February 2018 and dispensed 3,800 pairs of eye glasses to the people of Nicaragua. Pictured left to right are:  Lion Harlan Zapata-Coorinator for the trip arrangements; Lion Nancy Goltz, Winona Rivertown Lions Club; Lion Haitham Naim Shehab, President of the host Lions Club in Nicaragua and Dan Goltz, Volunteer and  husband of Nancy. 

There were 30 people in their group.  Two ophthalmologists and one optometrist were with the group. Three people were doing refractions and one person was using the lensometer to determine the correction of the glasses the person was wearing, if they were wearing any, when they came in.  Three people adjusted and fitted the glasses after they received a pair. Nancy and 19 other volunteers saw the patients and try to find a pair of glasses for them as close as possible to their correction.  The doctors were there to see any difficult cases, such as diabetics, people with cataracts, etc.

Rivertown Lion Nancy Goltz assists The Wisconsin Lions Mission in Nicguaraga



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