The Otis Roundtree Award is presented annually by the Lions Club of Winlock to a football player selected by his fellow teammates for "Inspiration and Leadership". It has been presented every year since 1928, making it one of the oldest continuous high school football awards in the United States. Lions supervise the secret balloting and present the award. The winner receives a plaque and has his name engraved on a perpetual trophy kept at the high school. The trophy shown on the table above is the fourth, three others having been filled with names already.

The award is being presented to Travis McCarthy by Lion Mike Porter. Mike received the award himself in 1959 when Winlock won a second straight state championship, the first high school in the state of Washington to do so.

Below is a newspaper photo of a presentation in 1980. Mike Porter is on the left. Third from left, seated, is Onni Haapala, the first recipient of the award in 1926.

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