At a recent meeting of the Lions Club of Wingham, District Governor Lion Elaine Chalmers (centre) presented Milestone Chevron Awards to the following Lions, from the left, Lion Hilda Wales - 15 years, Lion Murray Wales – 15 years, Lion Andy McBride – 20 years, and Lion Greg Pasher – 10 years. Absent was Lion Don McKague – 45 years.

* * *


At a recent meeting of the Lions Club of Wingham, Haari Meech (centre) was inducted into the Club by District Governor Lion Elaine Chalmers (right). Lion Haari was sponsored by Lion Joe Collison (left). The Club is very pleased to have Lion Haari as a new member!

* * *

Wingham Lions Fulfill Pledge

In 2015 the Club pledged $25,000 toward the “Our Hospital – Our Future” renovation campaign spearheaded by the Wingham and District Hospital Foundation. Recently the Club was able to donate the final $7,500 of this pledge, mainly due to the success of its 2018 Radio Auction. Shown in this photo, from the left, are Lion Greg Buchanan, Foundation Director and Lions member Andy McBride, and Lion Wayne Elston. The Club sincerely thanks the community for its support of the Radio Auction and other Lions fundraising projects that allow us to make important donations such as this.

* * *

Exchanging Pennants With St Austell Lions!

By Lion Wayne Elston

My wife and I visited St. Austell, Cornwall this past September. We were visiting our friends, Sue and Roger Dovey, whom we had met on an Alaskan Cruise in 2011. Since meeting them we have spent time with them in Cornwall and they have come to see Wingham. On this return visit to St. Austell, we were treated to some St. Austell Lions Club activities as Roger is the Past President of the club.

On our first evening there, we took part in one of their fundraising activities – a duck race. Each summer from June until mid- September they sell tickets weekly to purchase ducks for the Friday evening St. Austell Lions Club Duck Race. There are a number of holiday parks in the area and the holiday folks enjoy purchasing a duck and coming out for the evening race. This is one of the club’s major fundraisers. After a mile long swim, the fastest ducks are declared and the prizes awarded. Following the cleanup, the Lions members and their spouses go for supper at a local pub.

Later the next week, I was asked to speak at the September supper meeting of the St. Austell Lions Club. I spoke about the town of Wingham, the Wingham Lions Club, our fundraisers and some of the projects that we fund. It was interesting to note the similarities and the differences between our clubs. I ended my talk by teaching them the Lions Roar which was new to them but they embraced it and the laughter it creates. They even gave me a Lions Roar as a thank you for speaking to them. I passed out some Wingham Lions pins and I was presented with a St. Austell bannerette by Lion Vice President Tony Pickup. The photos from St. Austell were taken by Lion Roger Dovey.

* * *

80th Anniversary!

At a recent meeting of the Lions Club of Wingham, District A-9 Governor Lion Dennis Flavell (left) presented Wingham Lions Club President Joe Collison with a certificate commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Club. The Club was originally chartered in 1922, as the 14th Lions Club in Canada, but fell on hard times during the Great Depression and was forced to disband. Fortunately, however, it was re-chartered in 1938 and has been going strong ever since. To become a Lion ask a Lion!



At a recent meeting of the Lions Club of Wingham, Lion Earl Dolmage (left) was presented with a chevron commemorating his 40 years as a Lions Club member. Presenting the award was District A-9 Governor Lion Dennis Flavell. Lion Earl was a member of the Elora Club for 9 years, and the Milton Club for 18 years, prior to moving to Wingham 13 years ago. If you would like to become a Lion, just ask a Lions Club member.

* * *

60 Years A Lion!

At a recent meeting of the Lions Club of Wingham, Lion Jim Hall (centre) was presented with a chevron commemorating his 60 years as a Lions Club member. Presenting the award was Lions Club President Joe Collison, on the left, and Lions Club Life Member and Secretary Earl Dolmage, on the right. Lion Jim has been a member of the Wingham Club for 14 years and was a member of the Port Colborne Club for 46 years before moving back to his home town of Wingham.




* * *

Lions Life Membership

At it's September meeting, the Lions Club of Wingham was pleased to present Lion Jim Hall with a Life Membership.  Making the presentation was Past District Governor Bill Chalmers from Neustadt, on the left, and Wingham Lions Club President Lion Joe Collison, on the right.  Lion Jim is in his 58th year as a Lions Club member.

* * *

NEW LIONS CLUB MEMBERS – Five new members were recently inducted into the Lions Club of Wingham by District A-9 Governor Hank Van Moorsel (2nd from left). From the right, the new members are Henry Steenbergen, Helga Steenbergen, Nisha Jose, Donna Mast and Andy Jones. Assisting with the induction was Club President Joe Collison (far left). These new members will be helping with upcoming Lions Club projects including Spring Shopping Spree ticket sales at Dean’s Valu Mart on May 21 to 24, and with a used bicycle collection for third world countries on June 14, during the Musical Muskrat Festival.


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