Lions Manor  has proved to be a very successful project by the Windsor Downtown Lions Club. A four and a half million dollar non-profit venture. Lions manor enjoys a unique record as it relates to the LOWEST number of vacancies. It is a source of pride, comfort, happiness and contentment to those who live there. 

Other achievments by the club include the swimming pool and skating rink complex at Lions Community Centre (in Lanspeary Park), a $159,000.00  Alcon Laser Visulas Combi II laser eye surgical equipment and Accessories, a giant magnet for removing steel from eyes, and an Electronic Gloucoma Testing Unit - all installed at the Sight Saving department at Hotel Dieu Ouellette Campus Hospital.  DSAEK equipment used for partial thickness corneal transplants has also been installed at the Hotel Dieu Ouellette Campus Hospital.  On March 11, 2020 as part of the clubs 100th Anniversary, in partnership with the Lions Eyes Right Foundation the club donated $100,000 for equipment to help with eye/vision related emergencies to the emergency rooms at both local hospitals.

 The club provides funding and support for 18 blind bowlers. It supports Leader Dogs for the Blind, Camp Dorset,  youth sports and provides Christmas baskets. The club programs an Blind Adult,  Blind Children Christmas party and a Spring Dance.    

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