Pre-School Eye Screening  - one of the most rewarding services that our club provides is pre school eye screening for chldren ages 3 and 4.  When vision problems are indicated, parents are alerted and referred to an eye doctor.

Bingo is held for residents at Homewood of Williamsport every third Thursday of the month.

French Fries are served to residents and families of Potomac Center at the annual picnic in September.

Trash is picked up along Rt 11 in April, June, August and October.

Food and toys are boxed and distributed to  needy families in Williamsport at Christmas.

Funnel cakes are sold at Children's village Kids Alive Fest in May.  Proceeds go to Children's Village.

Funnel cakes are sold at Annual Sheriff's Night Out in Williamsport in August.  Proceeds go to Town of Williamsport.

Top scholastic seniors and champion athletes are honored at Student Guest Night dinner in March.

$5,000 2-year Joseph K. Scott Scholarship presented to Williamsport High School senior each year.

Williamsport Lions has an arrangement with Allegheny Optical where we pay $100 for an eye exam and/or eye glasses.  Referrals come from local schools, Department of Social Services and the Washington County Health Department.

The Club provides a tree full of mittens and gloves for the resident of Potomac Center and decorates a Lions themed tree for the Celebration of Trees at Springfield Barn at Christmas.

Our club maintains a large cache of medical equipment which includes hospital beds, wheelchairs, numerous potty chairs, canes, walkers and crutches.  Many of these items are currently on loan to folks in the community.



















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