Our Programs

The Lions have four main areas of service –

SightFirst: Lions Support Vision for All

You may have noticed Lions Club eyeglasses donation boxes around Augusta County. Lions have supported services for vision for many years.

In 1925, Helen Keller addressed the International Lions Convention in Ohio.

Below are some pictures related to Ms. Keller:


An educational brochure about protecting your vision that we created:


Lions Help in Times of Disaster

Our local chapter has helped others in need due to disaster. We have raised money to support efforts and sent people to those areas to help hands on.

Here are Melvin Jones award winnners who aided during Hurrican Katrina.


Programs for Youth

On a local level, we support youth programs. Here is an example of a program we hosted in coordination with the Augusta County Sherrif's Office. MAR 2014 COMMUNITY MEETING


Other Community Needs

The Weyers Cave Lions Club is also active in other community activities such as the adopt-a-highway program.

Members bundled up on a brish fall day for highway duty!

We also serve snacks at many community events to raise funds for all kinds of ccommuntiy projects.

Members serving food from our snack bar to raise funds for community projects:


Lions Worldwide Week of Service

The Worldwide Week of Service is an international event that brings Lions around the world together for a special week of celebration and service. It's an opportunity to strengthen your community, showcase your club and celebrate the birthday of our founder, Melvin Jones.




SightFirst: Lions’ Vision for All
SightFirst: Lions’ Vision for All
SightFirst: Lions’ Vision for All
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