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Melvin Jones Fellowship

 Lions International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones.  The Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, presented by the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF), is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism.  The recipients of this award are model Lions because of their exemplary service to their club and the community which it serves.

The NYA West Carver Lions Club is proud to have withing our membership a number of individuals who have received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.  The recipients are:

2022 - Mona Bruers

2021 - Pat Clark

2020 - LaVonne Kroells

2016 - Dar Mondor

2014 - Tricia Mackenthun

2013 - Kristen Karels

2008 - Marilyn Kimble

2007 - Jackie Kluver

2007 - Anne Keller

2007 - Mary Spille

2005 - LaVonne Kroells

2005 - Rita Fahey

2003 - Mary Spille

2000 - Jane Hoen

1998 - Miriam Brelje

1994 - Cathleen Williams


Helen Keller Sight Award

In 1925, Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.  As a tribute to this inspirational woman, Minnesota Lions created the Helen Keller Award.  The award is an excellent way to honor an exceptional Lion, Lioness, non-Lion individual, business or organization.  Recipients are typically persons or groups who have distinguished themselves on behalf of sight and who see and care for the needs of those less fortunate than themselves.

The following NYA West Carver Lions Members have been the recipient of this distinguished award:

2020 - Bill Hart
2018 - Mona Bruers 

2016 - Miriam Brelje

2015 - Cathleen Williams

2014 - LaVonne Kroells

2013 - Jennie Lundgren

2007 - Pat Clark

2005 - Lois Irvin

2003 - Dar Mondor

2002 - Carol Allen

1998 - Mary Spille


Hearing Research Fellowship Award

The Hearing Research Fellow is given to a club member, Lions Club or Lions District in recognition of their oustanding support and committment to the Lions Multiple District 5M Hearing Foundation.  The following NYA West Carver Lions have been recognized with this honor:

2020 - Lisa Klaers

2016 - Mona Bruers

2014 - Mary Nicholson

2013 - Kaarin Foede

2008 - Karen Hallquist

2007 - Mary Richter

2004 - Cathleen Williams


Dream Catcher Award

The Dream Catcher Award is given through the Minnesota Lions Diabetes Foundation.  Clubs are able to present one member with Dream Catcher Award when the club has accumulated $1,000 or more in donations to any diabetes project, hold a special diabetes fundraiser, or sponsor a Lions Diabetes Community Education Program or Glucose Screening.

The following NYA West Carver Lions have been awarded the Dream Catcher Award:

2016 - Carrol Oraskovich

2014 - Mary Balzum

2013 - Pat Clark

2008 - Beverly Boehne

2008 - Judy Cass

- Cathleen Williams


Zone Lion of the Year

2020 - Cathleen Williams

2018 - Mona Bruers 

2017 - Kaarin Foede

2008 - Dar Mondor

2006 - Pat Clark

2003 - Angie Brau

2000 - LaVonne Kroells

1998 - Rita Fahey


Can-Do-Canine's Top Dog Award

This award honors a Lion who has contributed to the NYA West Carver Lions Club in a significant way and contributed service to the community as a whole.  The Lion who receives this award is persistent, dedicated, honest and has a kind spirit.

The NYA West Carver Lions have awarded the following individuals with the Can-Do-Canine Top Dog Award:

2020 - Mary Nicholson

2018 - Bonnie Wigfield

2015 - Bill Hart

2014 - Judy Cass

2014 - Laura Ruder


Founder's Tribute

The Founder's Tribute is an award a club can give to an individual or event sponsor for his or her consummate service, dedication and committment to Lionism and Leader Dogs for the Blind.  The club becomes eligible to present this award after a cumulative donation to Leader Dogs for the Blind in one of the following amounts ($500) Bronze, ($1,000) Silver or Gold ($2,500). 

The Founder's Tribute has been presented to the following NYA West Carver Club Members:

2016 - Dianne Rain

2015 - Judy Maas

2014 - Nancy Swiggum

2013 - Barb Kartak


Perfect Attendance

26 Years - LaVonne Kroells, Mary Spille, Cathleen Williams, Dar Mondor

15 Years - Pat Clark

13 Years - Karen Hallquist

6 Years - Mary Balzum, Laura Ruder

4 Years - Mary Nicholson, Judy Maas, Tricia Mackenthun

3 Years - Dianne Rain, Nancy Swiggum

2 Years - Mona Bruers, Bill Hart, Carrol Oraskovich, Bobbie Lembcke

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