Caydi was in need of urgent surgery.

Caydi is a Standard Poodle who just happens to be a Lion's Foundation: Hearing Service Guide Dog.  Her owner Sandy was devastated with the news,  her link for everyday life,  was in extreme pain and needed dental surgery, and without it Caydi would suffer and have a loss ' of quality of life'

Sandy is hard of hearing and Caydi has been trained to detect important sounds. These Dog Guides are specifically trained to respond to seven sounds in the following ways:

Alert their handler and bring them many household sounds like a kitchen timer, someone at the door, someone calling their name and or a telephone ring.

Alert the handler to indicate the alarm clock is activated and Alert the handler and spin to indicate that the fire alarm has been activated.

Unfortunately the Guide Dogs of Canada National Program was not able to assist with the substantial cost to have surgery, as they only  have a program for Emergency surgery and only if the animal can be saved. Dental surgery, although is necessary, it is not life threatening.

'I am so grateful to the Lions Guide Dog program. However I was at a loss on how to we were going to pay for this unexpected and huge medical bill" Said owner, Sandy " I am so grateful and appreciative that the three local Lions Clubs were able to assist with this medical bill and now Caydi is feeling so much better."

The Okanagan Mission Lions, Peachland Lions and Westbank Lions were made aware of this situation.

President Steve Sweeney from the Peachland Lions Club said "We are so grateful for the local Lions Clubs, that work together, to find solutions"

"All our clubs are getting older, so working with other local clubs is the perfect way we can continue to support our community" Ian Trulson President of the Okanagan Mission Lions advised.

Westbank President Len Thordarson, was the initial contact, and knowing that the two other clubs had like minded members, was happy to facilitate this outcome.

Caydi has now had the surgery, with the thanks of the three Lions clubs who joined forces, by providing funding which covered the entire surgery cost. Now Caydi can continue to enjoy her life as a  Hearing Service dog and continue to assisting her owner Sandy in her everyday life.

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