Our major project:
To provide assistance in paying for eye exams and/or buying glasses for local citizens who do not have the financial ability to do this on their own. Helen Keller challenged Lions to be Knights of the Blind and we cheerfully and successfully have accepted her chanllenge.
Recycling is not our only project. We also:
  • Collect donations on White Cane days to support community projects
  • Sponsor blood drives and even donate
  • Sort eyeglasses for recycling
  • Hand out candy on Halloween
  • Play BINGO during the July 4th Festival
  • Sell our famous BBQ Chicken on the 4th of July
  • Oh yeah. Did I mention we like to have fun? We start each year with a September cookout and we enjoy Lions night out dinners on special occassions with our spouses
  • Vision Screening for 3 - 5 Year Old Preschool Children

This is the newest community service project for the West Milton Lions. Several of our members have been trained to conduct vision screening tests for these children.

During a session, we do two tests. The first measures the visual acuity (near or far sightedness) in each eye; the amount of astigmitism in each eye and the difference between the average visusl acuity readings of the child's eyes. The second test gauges the stereoscopic (3D) vision development of the child.

If any child has results outside the normal range for this age group, we send a recommendation to their parent/guardian to have the child examined by an eye care professional.

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