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As educators, parents, and community members, we have an opportunity to impact the lives of young people every day. Lions Quest believes that when the home, school and community work together, we can better nurture our young people, better connect learning to life, and better guide youth toward healthy lives and active citizenship.

For young people to achieve their potential, we need to recognize that potential is defined by more than academic achievement. Social and emotional learning is increasingly recognized as a critical element of education that can help us cultivate safe and supportive classrooms and nurture healthy, well-balanced young men and women.

Eye Glass Recycling:

Wisconsin Lions Clubs have been collecting used eyeglasses for over 30 years.  Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers (LERCs) are located around the world, in addition to the United States.  When you donate eyeglasses, our local Lions clubs collect and ship them to a regional LERC where Lion volunteers: 1) Prepare the glasses for distribution, 2) Ship large quantities of prepared glasses to humanitarian distribution teams, and 3) Supply Lions permanent clinics with an inventory of prepared glasses.  You can drop off your usable eyewear at Lions-sponsored collection boxes in the following locations:

Wisconsin Lions Eye Bank:

Federal law requires that when a death occurs, a hospital must notify local donor programs in a timely fashion.  Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin partners with designated Organ Procurement Organizations and the Tissue Bank to facilitate donation throughout the state of Wisconsin.  This activity is supported by transporting donor eyes to the Eye Bank in Madison, promoting and advising the public on organ donations and financial support of the program.

Wisconsin Lions Camp:

In 1956, all of the Lions clubs in the state of Wisconsin joined together  to establish a Lions Camp, located on Lions Lake near Rosholt to provide a quality camping experience free-of-charge to eligible youth and adults who are blind or with severe disabilities.  This activity is supported both financially as well with camp maintenance volunteers.

Leader Dog Program:

This activity is supported by the Wausau-Stettin Lions through a budgeted annual monetary donation. The Leader Dog program in Michigan trains dogs to prepare them to become lead dogs for the blind at no cost to the blind recipient.  This activity is supported both financially and as a contact resource for those in need of these highly supportive animals for blind persons



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