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Santa's Anonymous

This is a yearly project that gets started every fall. We collect donations of cash, food and gifts from all the local companies. We have been doing this for many years. We all meet up in our local fire station and wrap the gifts as well as sort all the food into hampers. Applications are given out to families in need and most are chosen to recieve this gift a few days before christmas. In 2014 we gave out close to 100 hampers with gifts for every member in the household.

Food Bank Donations

This year we accepted the call from the local food bank to sponsor food each month. We find out what they are short on and go out and purchase what is needed most for that month. One member volunteers to make the call, find out who can purchase the food and then deliveries the food by the begining of each month.

Wake Refreshments

We have started a new program where we donate the coffee and coffee supplies at wakes as a part of our paying respect to those that have passed and give some comfort to those they left behind. It is one less thing that has to be figured out at a time of grief. At this time we are doing it as we get informed of a wake. We go down to the location and set up a table with a big coffee urn and all supplies. Someone returns regularly to make sure it is tidied up and more coffee is made. 

Requested Monitary Donations

We accept each month written requests for monitary donations to local groups. We have a set amount that most groups will recieve unless we decide more should be given. It never hurts to ask for more in case yours is the one we agree needs more support.

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