The Beginning

The Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Vision City was formed in early 1999. The Club has its beginnings when a group of young and enthusiastic Lions mooted the idea of forming a new club.  Vision City or Bandaraya Wawasan is named after an area demarcated in the heart of the nation’s capital of Kuala Lumpur, in recognition of our then Prime Minister’s vision. 

The vision of this group of Lions and like-minded friends resulted in the birth of the Lions Club of KL Vision City.  The Club received its instrument of charter from the International Association of Lions Clubs on 26th February 1999, with Lion Elliot Chee as its Charter President. The Club was sponsored by the Lions Club of KL Seputeh.

The Club

The Chub held its Charter Night on 3rd April 1999, where the twenty seven members were inducted, and the Charter President and his Board of Directors were installed.  The Club is very fortunate in having experienced and illustrious Lions as its charter members, which included then PDG ST Yeoh and Lion Tang Lup Toon.

The Club holds its BOD and Business meetings in the Royal Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur, on the first Thursday of each month.

The Vision

The name Vision City is without a doubt a high calling, and it serves as a constant reminder to the Club of its purpose namely “To serve with vision”.  The Club strives to live up to its name “Vision” as defined in the dictionary – “the act of seeing; a vivid concept or mental picture; a pleasing imaginative plan for, or in anticipation of future events; imaginative perception, etc”.

Marching On

Year 1: 1999-2000

In its first year, Charter President Elliot Chee successfully carried out numerous projects including the inaugural Recycling & Education project with a primary school, Christmas party for orphans, Children’s Concert in aid of Thalassemia Children, health screening, Lions Information Nite and others. The first anniversary was celebrated on 26th February 2000. The club was actively involved in the organizing MD 308 Lions Convention held in Sunway, heading the Registration Sub-committee.

Awards from District included Club Excellence, Outstanding Club, Outstanding Treasurer and Project Chairman award. Lion Elsie Yong served as DC Protocol in DG Siah Yoke Lin’s Cabinet.

Year 2: 2000-2001

Under the leadership of President Yvonne Kingham, the Club had its first twinning, with Lions Club of Penang Light on 23rd Sept. 2000.  Many meaningful projects and activities were carried out including the Children’s Party, Pots Fare, Charity Dinner, visits to homes and others.  Once again, the Club played a pivotal role in the 39th MD 308 Lions Convention held in Kuala Lumpur, spearheading the Registration, Souvenir Programme and Hospitality sub-committees. 

Among the District awards obtained were the Club Excellence and Club Twinning. International awards included the Melvin Jones Fellow for Yvonne Kingham and International President (IP) Appreciation Certificates for Yvonne Kingham, Ang Moo Bok, Desmond Tee and Tan Kim Fong, and Club President Excellence award. IPP Elliot Chee (DC Peace Poster Region 2) served in DG Laylay Loh’s Cabinet.

Year 3: 2001-2002

The third year under the leadership of President Ang Moo Bok saw the Club reach greater heights of achievement; earning it the Top Club, Top President, Top Secretary and Top Treasurer, Outstanding Lion, Club Excellence, Leo Club and Friends-of-Lions award. Among the International awards obtained were Club President Excellence award and IP Appreciation Certificates for Ang Moo Bok and Tan Kim Fong. 

The numerous projects and activities carried out included the Lions Peace Poster Competition, Hospital Visit, Breast Cancer awareness, Health Screening-Sightfirst-Dental Checkup Campaign and Tree Planting.

The Club also sponsored its first Alpha Leo Club - SMK Taman Ehsan, Kepong in October 2001, which unfortunately due to inactivity was closed in 2003.  IPP Yvonne Kingham served as DC for Foundation in DG Albert Tan’s Cabinet.

Year 4: 2002-2003

During President Desmond Tee’s tenure, the Club carried out many new and meaningful projects including the Eco-Treasure Hunt, Health screening for Orang Asli, Blood Donation & Organs Pledge at New ERA College and others.  The Club entered into its second sisterhood alliance with the Lions Club of Singapore Eunos on 23rd November 2002.  Extension projects included the formation of Omega Leo Club of KL Perennial in October 2002, and New Century Lions Club of KL City Centre in May 2003, with Ang Moo Bok as the guiding Lion.

The District awards obtained included Outstanding Club, Outstanding President, Outstanding Secretary, Outstanding Treasurer, Outstanding Lion, Leo Club, Club Twinning, Club Extension, IT Award and DG Jason Kon Leadership Medal for Zone Chairman Ang Moo Bok.  International awards included the Club President Excellence award, IP Medal for CC S.T. Yeoh, and IP Appreciation Certificates for Ang Moo Bok and Tan Kim Fong.

Year 5: 2003-2004

The tenure of President Tan Kim Fong saw the Club actively carrying out various community projects and activities which included Blood Donation and Organ Pledge drives in shopping complexes and a college, visits to UM Hospital and old folks home, Peace Poster contest, Environment-Educational Tour of Paya Indah Wetlands with orphans and sister clubs; and Club Retreat to Mulu Caves. An Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament was held in Sri Selangor Golf Resort which raised fund for the Lions Eye Bank, Malaysian Association for the Blind, Lions Autistic Centre and in aid of a leukemia child.  The Club celebrated its 5th Anniversary on 28th February 2004 on a grand scale at the Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur, attended by approximately 330 Lions and other guests.

In recognition of its service, the club was awarded District Top Club, Top President, Excellent Secretary and Treasurer, Club Bulletin and Bulletin Editor awards. Other District awards were DG Wong Chang Wai Leadership Medal for Region Chairman Ang Moo Bok and DG Excellent Service for DC Leadership Development (Region 3) Elliot Chee. Awards from LCI included Club President Excellence award and IP Certificates for Ang Moo Bok.

Year 6: 2004-2005

President Elaine Tan continued the club’s tradition of active involvement in community projects which included Peace Poster contest, Blood Donation drives, visits to old folks homes, orphanages, orang asli settlements, sight-screening, environment and club retreat to Taman Negara.  The club was represented in DG Lillian Fan’s Cabinet by IPP Tan Kim Fong as Zone Chairman and Ang Moo Bok as DC for Leo Clubs (Region 3&4).

At the District Convention, the club obtained Top Club, Top President, Top Secretary, Top Treasurer, International Understanding & Cooperation and Club Growth awards. International awards included the Club President Excellence award and Melvin Jones Fellow (MJF) for President Elaine Tan, Leadership Medal for ZC Tan Kim Fong, and Extension award for Ang Moo Bok for having served as guiding Lion of New Century KLCC for 2 years.

Year 7: 2005-2006

Under the leadership of President Alex Yeap, several projects were carried out jointly with sister clubs which included the visit to Pelangi Foundation Home in Dungun, visit to Orang Asli Settlement in Pulau Carey, collection of Aluminium tin lids to the Prosthesis Foundation in Phuket and others.  A major charity dinner was held in February 2006 to raise fund for the Beautiful Gate Foundation with performances by the 1st disabled dancing troupe in Malaysia.

During the year, Lion Tan Kim Fong served as Cabinet Secretary with Elaine Tan as Zone Chairman and Ang Moo Bok as DC M.E.R & Campus Clubs in DG Alex Nah’s Cabinet.

The club was awarded several awards during the District Convention which were Outstanding Club Silver Award and Outstanding Treasurer. ZC Elaine Tan and DC Lion Ang Moo Bok were awarded the Lions Purple Heart, whilst Cabinet Secretary was awarded the IP Certificate of Appreciation.

Year 8: 2006-2007

President Alex Yeap continued to lead the club for a second consecutive year. The club’s tradition of active involvement in community projects and activities was continued.

For the club’s efforts, the District awards achieved included Club Excellence, SightFirst, Outstanding Treasurer and DG Ng Kim Leng’s appreciation awards for Elaine Tan as Region Chairman, Tan Kim Fong as DC for Women Membership & Participation and Ang Moo Bok as DC for Leo Clubs (Region 3&4). Elaine Tan was awarded the Ross Ranger award from LCI as guiding Lion of Lions Club of Bukit Tunku.

Year 9: 2007-2008

Under the leadership of President JC Wah, many meaningful projects and activities were carried out during the year with donations to several deserving organizations and individuals.

Members of the club who served in DG Raymond Tang’s Cabinet were Tan Kim Fong as DC for Leadership Development, Elaine Tan as DC for Youth Exchange and Ang Moo Bok as DC for Leadership Development, Region 4. 

The District Awards obtained were Excellence Club, Outstanding Club, Outstanding President, Outstanding Secretary, Top Treasurer, Outstanding Club Bulletin and Environmental Photo Contest (1st prize). Other District awards were DG’s Leadership medal for Lions Tan Kim Fong, Ang Moo Bok and Elaine Tan. Among the LCI awards obtained were IP Appreciation Certificates for the cabinet officers and MJFs for President JC Wah and Elaine Tan.


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