A. The name of this corporation is "THE LIONS CLUB OF VICKSBURG MICHIGAN INC. and sometimes

referred to as "the CLUB".

B. THE LIONS CLUB OF VICKSBURG MICHIGAN INC. is chartered by and under the jurisdiction of the

International Association of Lions Clubs. Therefore, the CLUB will operate under the Constitution and

By-Laws of Lions International.

C. Its Motto shall be: WE SERVE



A. ACTIVE: A member entitled to all rights and privileges and subject to all obligations which membership

in a Lions Club confers or implies. As set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws if Lions International.

B. MEMBER-AT-LARGE: A member of this club who as moved from the community, or because of health

or other legitimate reason, is unable to regularly attend club functions and desires to retain their membership.

This must be voted on by the Board of Directors of the Club. Also, the Board of Directors must review and

vote on this membership every six months.

C. HONORARY: An individual, not a member of this Club, having performed outstanding service for the

community of this Lions Club, whom this club desires to confer special distinction.

D. PRIVILEGED: A member of this club who has been a Lion for fifteen or more years, who because of

illness, advanced age, or other legitimate reason; as determined by the Board of Directors. Must comply

with the Constitution and By-Laws of Lions International.

E. LIFE MEMBER: Any member of this club who has maintained active membership as a Lion for twenty

or more years and has rendered outstanding service to this club, the community, or this association. This

process will be carried out as stated in the By-Laws of Lions International.

F. MEMBERSHIP: Membership in this club shall be by invitation only. Voted on by the Board of Directors.

G. TRANSFERS: This club may grant membership on a transfer based on guidelines set forth by Lions




A. Association entrance fees for new and transfer members will be paid for by the Club.

B. Each active member, member-at-large, and privileged member of this club will be billed every quarter.

This billing will be for Club dues, Multiple District dues, International dues, and the Lions Magazine.

C. All dues must be paid within the quarter of billing. Any member failing to do so will be reported to the

President by the Treasurer. Said member may be voted out of the club by a majority vote of the Board of

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