2023-2024 Committee Assignments


Halloween Parade:  Cheryl Marcum (Chair), Dan Green, Kevin Lehman, Troy Rose, Doug LeMaster, Jeremy Hart, Gus

Fall Pancake Day:  Rick Lacy (Co-Chair), Blake Clevenger (Co-Chair), Scott Flory, Len Hindsley, Mike Peden

Christmas Parade and Lights in the Park:  Larry Amspaugh (Chair), Dan Green, Rick Lacy, Scott Flory, Dean Coats, Mike Peden, Jeremy Hart

Spring Pancake Day:  Doug LeMaster (Co-Chair),  Kevin Lehman (Co-Chair), Larry Amspaugh (Co-Chair) Gary Miller, Owen Griffith, Mike King

Easter Egg Hunt:  Rick Lacy (Chair), Troy Rose, Len Hindsley, Dean Coats, Jeremy Hart, Mike Peden, Gus

Blood Draws:  Doug LeMaster (Co-Chair), Hoddy Speight (Co-Chair), Owen Griffith, Jack Anderson, Mike Peden

Fellowship Nights:

Fall Fellowship Night:  Jim Dubeansky (Chair), Hoddy Speight (Co-Chair), Chad Enicks (CO-Chair), Kevin Lehman

Spring Fellowship Night: Doug LeMaster (Co-Chair), Cheryl Marcum (Co-Chair), David Lenkensdofer, Troy Rose, Scott Flory

Summer Events:

Fly-In Breakfast:  Owen Griffith (Chair), Hoddy Speight, Doug LeMaster, Scott Flory, Jeremy Hart, Dean Coats, Scott Reagan

4-H Food Stand:  Owen Griffith (Co-Chair), Hoddy Speight (Co-Chair), Len Hindsley, Cheryl Marcum, Jack Anderson

State Line Heritage Days:  Gary Miller (Co-Chair), Larry Amspaugh (Co-Chair), Owen Griffith, Lovie Farrington, Troy Rose, Cheryl Marcum

State Line Heritage Days Disc Golf Tournament:  Larry Amspaugh (Co-chair), Hoddy Speight (Co-Chair), Scott Flory, Doug LeMaster, Kevin Lehman

Rodeo in the Park:  Larry Amspaugh (Co-Chair), Troy Rose (Co-Chair), Mike King

Other Committees:

Publicity/Newsletter/Social Media:  Kevin Lehman (Chair), Blake Clevenger, Owen Griffith

Sight Preservation:  Rick Lacy, Mike Peden, Troy Rose, Terry Dowler

Membership:  Larry Amspaugh (Chair), Jack Anderson, Lovie Farrington

Audit:  David Lenkensdofer (Chair), Len Hindsley, Sam Farrington

Constitution and Bylaws:  Gary Miller (Chair)Sam Farrington, Lovie Farrington

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