Dear City of Tonawanda Students and Parents,
The City of Tonawanda School District, the City of Tonawanda Police Department (TPD) and The Tonawandas Erie Canal Gateway Lions Club hope, hope that you are having a most productive school year with your accomplishments being many and your academic challenges being met with success.  May we also take this opportunity to wish each of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.
We want you to know that your School District and your Police Department are here for you if and when you may need any help with issues where assistance is needed, or if you simply wish or need to talk with someone.  We are here for YOU!
Please accept this key tag and key ring as a token of our appreciation for you; the key tag has phone numbers listed for both school and police contact, as well as a crisis services' phone number and the 911 emergency number.  Remember, we are all here for you and we are only a phone call away!
Please note that also seen on your key tag is the phrase: 
This simply means that if you should SEE SOMETHING that you feel needs to be reported to a school official, to a police officer, to crisis services or to 911, PLEASE CALL!  You may indeed be helping someone and/or helping your community to be a safer place when you SAY SOMETHING !!!
We wish you a most successful 2018-2019 school year. Take care; good luck in all that you do. 
* Please note that The Tonawandas Erie Canal Gateway Lions Club may be able to provide volunteer service opportunities for students who may need community service hours for graduation or for resume purposes, etc. For more information regarding The Tonawandas Erie Canal Gateway Lions Club and/or the availability of community service hours at the club, you may call Sherri Marranca at: (716) 425-4791 or Bob Starr at (716) 692-2038
Thank you.
Secretary, Tonawandas Erie Canal Gateway Lions Club
PS: Unfortunately, we live in a world where our collective and individual safety is increasingly jeopardized and is threatened from various sources.  Our well-being can be compromised anywhere, and being safe in our society is a right we all deserve and should expect. With this thought in mind, parents, might you consider doing our City of Tonawanda a worthwhile community service and simply discuss with your children the importance of them being aware of their surroundings and the necessity for them to report to the proper authorities anything that they observe that causes them concern?  This is putting Operation
into action!  You and your children have it in your power to help make our society/city safer, and to the extent that each member of our city be more observant of the goings-on that occur in our community. 
Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
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