The Summut Station Lions Club is working to expand the building to improve the hall for rentals and add addtional storage area.


A new door has now been installed for access into the new addition.

The new entrance to the front door is completed in August 2019.

To start 2017 the Summut Station Lions Club is recognized with a proclamation from the city of Pataskala by our mayor Mike Compton.



The Summit Station Lions has the concession trailer renovated with new graphics. The trailer made it debut in 2016. Club members will work hard this year participationg in several fundraising activities. The concession trailer projects has been a part of this club for 50 years.

----------------------   Now in 2016   ---------------------- 


The Summit Station Lions Club members have worked to renovate the hall interior. The hallway and bathrooms have seen some major improvements. The pictues below show the results.




March 2020 the original doors are upgraded to raised panel solid wood doors. The pictures show we still need to install the door knobs. All this work was performed by the members.


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