June 3, 2024

Progressive Pot is over $6600.00!!!!

The St. Paul Lions Club & The St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce              

is Partnering with & Supporting Non-Profit Organizations 

in the St. Paul Region with fundraising programming for their Clubs


Sponsoring Organization: St. Paul & District Lions Club

Chase the Ace Rules & Guidelines

How The Contest Works

  1. You buy tickets every week and your name will get entered into the weekly draw.

  2. Tickets are available to purchase here: Chase The Ace Tickets

  3. Go to the Chase the Ace page and scan the QR Code.

  4. Ticket price is ONE ticket for $5.00, multiple tickets can be bought at once. A maximum of 4,000 tickets are available. 

  5. There is no carry over of the purchased tickets from week to week. All weekly draws are ‘new draws’ and new tickets must be purchased to be in every weekly draw.

  6. Payment can be made via E-Transfer to

  7. Ticket sales will be cut off every Tuesday at 11:59pm

    1. Any tickets purchased after this time frame will be added to the following week's draw.

  8. Every Wednesday morning, all tickets purchased for that week will get added to a Random Wheel App. 

  9. The weekly name drawn will automatically win $20.00

  10. The card drawing process will be automated through the Random Wheel App using all the remaining cards (not yet drawn) of the deck.

  11. The winner will be notified by phone and/or email. 

  12. If the Ace of Spades is drawn, the winner will receive 50% of the progressive pot.

  13. If the Ace of Spades is not drawn, the pot will continue to grow until the Ace of Spades gets drawn.

  14. Once a card is drawn from the deck, it will be removed and no longer in play.

  15. The weekly winner and the card draw will be video recorded, this video will be displayed on the Winner Board and posted on the St. Paul Chamber & St. Paul Lions Club Facebook Pages and Websites. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to having your name and/or picture posted on Social Media.

  16. If the progressive pot reaches $20,000 and the Ace of Spades has not been drawn, another name will be drawn, and the draw will continue until a winner is declared. The winner will be notified immediately via phone and/or email. 


If your Non-Profit Organization would like to work with the St. Paul & District Lions Club and the St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce and participate in this contest, please contact:

St. Paul Chamber of Commerce - Office - 780-645-5820 or Cell - 780-210-5820 (texting accepted) 

Email: or     

St. Paul Chamber Website or St. Paul Lions Website

St. Paul Chamber Facebook Page or St. Paul Lions Facebook Page

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