This event takes place annually in April and is organised in conjunction with the Graham Fulford Trust, a registered charity who have supported us in PSA Testing Events for several years.  This year's event will take place on Tuesday 30th April at the Stone House Hotel.

Past experience has shown that this event is always very popular, with approximatly 500 men attending annually. To avoid congestion in the car park and reduce the length of waiting time for those attending, future tests will be carried out BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and unfortunately it will not be possible to offer a test to anyone who does not have an appointment.

Appointments should be available for booking from early March and you can register online or, if you do not have internet access, by calling Graham Fulford Trust on 01926 419959.  Appointments will be available from 6.30pm – 9.30pm. 

Before you are able book an appointment you will need to register with the Graham Fulford Trust so that they have your contact details to enable them to notify you of your results.  It is very straightforward to register, just visit click on Our Partners, scroll down, click on the Stone Lions logo and follow the instructions on screen.  Register using your name, e-mail address and a password (remembering to make a note of the e-mail address you have used and your password).  You will then receive an e-mail which you should open straight away and click on the green verification button.  Once you have clicked on the verification button you will be able to make an appointment and access your results when they are ready.

If you have taken advantage of one of Stone Lions PSA Home Testing offers since 2020 you should already be registered with Graham Fulford Trust, in which case please go to to book your appointment and follow the instructions on screen.

When you have made your appointment and completed the medical questionnaire, please print off your Blood Form, which has a unique QR Code holding all your information, and bring it with you on the night of your test as the laboratory will need it when processing your blood.  If you do not have a printer available it will be possible to log on to your account and print one off at the Stone House Hotel on the night.

Lions Mike Ward and Glyn Ravenscroft, who have played key roles in the Stone Lions PSA Testing Programme for several years, are both convinced of the value of this service project. “We are very happy that we are able to offer this service to men in our local community” they report.  “The appointment system makes for a more streamlined process and we hope that as many men as possible will book an appointment to take part.  It will help us to ensure the evening runs as smoothly as possible if you could please arrive promptly for your appointment.  Every effort will be taken to ensure the safety of those attending and we ask that you follow any guidance on the night with regard to social distancing etc”.

Whilst there is no set charge for these tests, there is no doubt that this is an extrememely costly project and Stone Lions are happy to accept offers of Sonsorship for all or part of the event.  It is also possible for participants to make an individual donation on the night, either by cash, cheque or payment card, and these are very gratefully received.




Stone Lions actively support members of our community in many ways but are probably best known for our mobility scheme which continues to go from strength to strength.  With many items of specialised equipment available for long or short term loan, free of charge, Stone Lions are making it a little easier for local residents with varions disabilities to retain their independence.

Our mobility scheme celebrated it's 35th birthday in 2023 and we are very proud that we managed to keep it going, albeit with a modified service, throughout all periods of lockdown.

Sadly it has been necessary to cease issuing motorised equipment - scooters and power chairs - due to lack of suitable storage space and insurance requirments.  All of our current scooter and power chair users have been offered transfer of ownership of their equipment and we are very pleased that the majority have accepted this offer, enabling them to retain their independance.

We are still able to help with the loan of wheelchairs, walking frames and smaller items of equipment.




For several years, Stone Lions have been responsible for keeping the amphitheatre, picnic area and canal towpath free from litter.  From Easter until the end of October, members take it in turns to don their hi-vis tabards, pick up their litter pickers and set to with enthusiasm.  

This service activity is greatly appreciated by townspeople and those who visit our town whilst holidaymaking on the Trent and Mersey Canal.  

We also help the Stone in Bloom volunteers to prepare the town for judging each year and take part in organised community litter collections.

Unfortunately the collection of litter was not possible during the pandemic but we are pleased to announce that this service activity has now been resumed.



The Lions 'Message in a Bottle' scheme is designed to provide a simple but effective way to keep basic personal and medical details where they can be easily found in case of an emergency.

A small, white plastic bottle, which contains a simple form for completion, is provided to local residents.  When the form has been completed it is replaced in the bottle and kept inside the fridge.  Two stickers are provided - one for the outside of the fridge and one to be affixed to the front door of the property.

Paramedics, First Respopnders, police, fire fighters and social services support this life saving initiative.  They know to look in the fridge when they see the stickers.

Bottles are available in all local Doctor's surgeries and chemists or from Stone Lions Club.



With the help of our local opticians, Peter Bowers, Scrivens, and Specsavers Stone Lions are committed to recycling used spectacles for use in the developing world.

More than 30,000 pairs of spectacles have been collected in the past few years and sent on to Chichester Lions who sort out those suitable for renovating and reconditioning and forward them to France for treatment and onward distribution or recycling. Those spectacles not suitable for re-use are not wasted - the metal and plastic they contain are reclaimed and all proceeds are used in Lions Sight projects world-wide.



Our town is well known for many civic events and festivals and Stone Lions are often called upon to help with marshalling and car park duties.  It is quite usual to see a number of our yellow hi-vis jackets on the High Street when there is a job to be done.









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