In 2010, a generous $10,000 donation from the Saint-Lambert Lions Club & further donation of $2000 each over the next 5 years made it possible to renovate the St-Lambert Library’s children’s section and purchase new books for young readers. Renaming it the "Lion's Corner"

Thanks to the generosity of St-Lambert's Lion's Club, the inauguration of the readjustment hall, a new locale developed for all services relating to occupational therapy, and a community life lounge, in St-Lambert Hospital, situated on Notre Dame Street,  On September 28, 2006,The Lion's Club donated a sum of $36 000 to the St-Lambert Hospital Foundation. This money covers the entire required for development" Every year we receive more than 1 200 patients and 1 000 of the, need occupational therapy. We would like to thank all the members of the Lion's Club who worked non-stop to gather this important sum of money and who have I allowed us to ensure better services for our clients", said Ms. Lacoste

Lions presenting cheque for $ 5000 to St Lambert to replace trees lost in Ice Storm 1998

On May 4th 1996, the Lions Club of St-Lambert presented a Rescue Fire Boat to the St-Lambert Fire Brigade. Valued at $ 13,000.

1974   (The Lioness Club of St-lambert has been discontinued since the late 90's)


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