Members of the St. Charles Lions Club will again deliver dictionaries to approximately 700 third grade students and teachers in 33 classrooms in the St.Charles School District, the Orchard Farm School District and the parochiall schools in the area early in the fall semester.

Teachers have praised the dictionaries. Students love them too.   A child who received her dictionary two years ago took it home and slept with it.  We receive many thank you notes from the students letting us know how much they like their own personal dictionary.

The coordinator of the project, Lyn Porterfied said "our distribution of the dictionaries is one of the many ways we serve our community and it fits well with the Reading Action Program recently established by Lions Club International to promote literacy throughout the world"


Remember all those used eyeglasses that sit in drawers?

St. Charles Lions Club is cooperating with another organization in an effort to wash, dry, read the prescriptions, bag, sort and box the glasses in order to prepare them for mission trips to other countries, such as Mexico.

If you have any questions about this program, contact PDG Lyn Porterfield at

636-916-4441 or at


Picked up by Rita Knobbe

Midwest Eye Assiciates (Dr. Becker)  (S. 5th Street)  636-946-9242

Picked up by Bob & Trudy Roseman

Baue Funeral Home - 3950 W. Clay  636-946-7811

Eye & Cataract Center - Veterans Memorial Drive,  St. Peters

Picked up by Greg Witterholt

Baue Funeral Home - 620 Jefferson  636-332-4140

Crown Vision Center - Lindenwood Schnucks Center

Picked up by Pat & Lyn Porterfield

Optical Shop- 2127 Bluestone  636-947-0207

St. Charles Optical - Fairgrounds & Boones Lick  636-724-2570

Riverview Optical - St. Joseph Medical Bldg (not open on Saturdays)

Family Dental - 1185 Cave Springs Estate Dr   St. Peters  636-757-1800

WalMart - Zumbel Rd - pick up every month (Kathleen)

Senior Center (M-F  9-3)

Crown Vision Center (Zumbehl Schnucks Center)

Picked up by Becky Henderson

Wal Mart on St. Charles Rock Road

Wal Mart on Lindbergh past Halls Ferry

Eye Center Lindberg just east of Carbonniere

Wal Mart in Ferguson on W. Florissant

Ferguson Presbyterian Church

Picked up by Stephanie Wiseman

Kathryn Linnemann Library ( Elm & Duchesne)

Picked up by Community Services

Habitat for Humanity/Restore ( Wed-Sat  10:00 am to 7:00 pm)  Lori Kehoe (636-978-5712 ext. 119)




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