The Lions Club of St. Austell Christmas Sleigh



The Lions Club of St. Austell Christmas Sleigh Routes 2019

The Annual Christmas Sleigh, with Father Christmas on board, will soon be visiting the children of St. Austell and area. Most evenings, the Sleigh will start at 5.30pm, but may suffer from unavoidable delays. Santa is very busy at this time of year and may not be able to knock on every door, so please follow the sound of his Sleigh Music, and he will be delighted to meet you!



Please see below the list of dates Father Christmas will be in your area. For live positioning of the sleigh during the evening rounds click here This GPS navigation system is a trial for us and only works if there is internet reception at the locations


Timings and routes depend on weather conditions, and availability of those volunteers who work on the float. Please understand that it is impossible, due to its sheer size now, to visit every street in St. Austell in 15 nights. We will try our best.


START 5.30

Mountside Road, Austin Close, The Consuls, Mountside Road

Union Place, Fortune Drive,


Manor View. Starting at the top



START 5.30

Polgover Way, Helleur Close, Old Roselyon Road, Chyandor Close, Old Roselyon Crescent Treryn Close, Old Roselyon Rd, Deeble Drive, Landreath Place.



START 5.15

 Wednesday December 4th

Penrice Parc, Fettling Lane, Foundry Way

Pellymounter Road, Edyvean Place, Codling Close

Pellymounter Rd, Borlase Crescent


EDGCUMBE & TREWOONThursday December 5th

START 4.30

Pyramid Close, Badger’s Watch, Cooperage Gardens, Trevarno Close

Edgcumbe Green, Chipponds Drive, Lower Woodside

Higher Woodside, Chy Pons

GOVER VALLEY Friday 6th December

START 5.30

Turnavean Road, Trembear Road, Gover Road, Grosvenor Place

Clarence Road west, Timber Close, Grove Road, Clarence Road east, 

Tewington Place, Watersedge.

CENTURY CLOSE Monday 9th December

START 5.30

Century Close: -Left at fork, up to Chynoon Gardens

                 remainder of Century Close


Lovering Rd., Prengarth, 


Mackeral Close, Trevorder Drive, Ocean View, Carwollen,


POLGOOTH & TRELOWTH - Tuesday10th December

START 5.30

Southdown Road, Southdown Close, Cotswold Avenue,

Lingfield Avenue, Ashdown Close, Marlborough Way


Trelowth Road, Chapel Green, Woodgrove Park, 

Springfield Close, Polyear Close, The Meadow, Trelowth Road,

Polgooth Village.


BISCOVEY - Wednesday11th December

START 5.00

Biscovey Road, St Mary’s Road, Southview Road, Meadow Drive, 

Hillside Avenue, Ash Grove & Close, St Mary’s Road, School Close,

Wilson Way, St Anne’s Road, Robins Close, Lamellyn Road, Lesnewth,

Eden Close, Bob’s Road, Penarwyn Road,


POLKYTH - Thursday 12th December

START 5.00 

Brewery Drive, Tinners Way, Tregorrick View, The Maltings, Poltair Court

Poltair Avenue, Lostwood Road, Tremayne Road, Dobell Road


Trevail Way, Chapman Way, The Crescent, The Sidings, Trevail Way



BOSCOPPA, Friday 13th December

START 5.30 

Larcombe Road, Menear Road, Hallane Road, Channel View,

Trenarren View, Killyvarder Way, Carrickhowell Crescent, Symons Close, Juniper way,

Aspen Drive, Bolventure Close



ST STEPHEN, Monday16th December,

START 5.30 

Park Gwyn, Creakavose Park, Creakavose, Trethosa Road

Great Charles Close, Wheal View, Tregargus View

Homer Water Park, Dabryn Way,



START 4.30

Parkway, Manor Close, Meadway, Eastfield Way, Brookside


Mitchell Road, Chough Crescent, Gannet Drive, 

Cormorant Drive, Kingfisher Drive


SANDY VALLEY, Wednesday 18th December 

START 5.00 

Treverbyn Gdns, Penhaligon Way, Springfield Close


The Copse, Bounder Vean, Longpark Way, 

Roslyn Close, Morcom Close, Menear Road



RETALLICK & JUBILEE MEADOWS, Thursday 19th December

START 5.30.

Retallick Meadows, Trenowah Road


Jubilee Meadows, Horse Whim Drive and Barkers Green, Wheal Eliza Close,

Trenowah Road

         Chapel Fields, Penmere Road and Mayfield Close


PENWITHICK – Friday 20th December

Penwithick Road – Montgomery Road











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