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The following contact information is designed for various reasons.  Using the email address ensures each email will be given prompt attention by the Webmaster(s).  Using the U.S. mailing address is helpful when one doesn’t have an email account and/or material needs to be sent directly to our club.  Such examples are;

  • To make changes to our *Lions e-Clubhouse (via email or U.S mail)
  • To add information to our *Lions e-Clubhouse (via email or U.S mail)
  • To know who is responsible for maintaining our *Lions e-Clubhouse (via email or U.S mail)

NOTE:  Actual emails received within will NOT be added into the website.  Each email will be handled with the utmost respect.  The issue(s) or concern(s) within these emails will be brought to the clubs attention with intent to rectify the situation.   In addition, no names will be attached to any issues, unless otherwise requested.  

Please keep in mind, this forum is to be used to maintain the integrety of our Lions Club.  (For definition, please click here)      


Lance Hanna and Maryjo Hanna

South Portland’s Email

U.S. Mail Address

South Portland Lions, P.O. Box 2632, South Portland, ME 04106


           *Lions e-Club refers to the South Portland Lions Club website.      

 To contact a fellow Lions member go to Club Member's Contact Information tab (found, top/left of screen)


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