Simcoe Lions Committee 2020-21

Advertising Lionism --  Don Daley (chair)

Archive  --  David Stelpstra (chair), Mike Bauslaugh.

Auditorium  --  David Stelpstra (chair).

Ballpark/Building  --  Jim Adams Jr (chair), Mike Bauslaugh, Don Daley.

Bar  --  Cy Wilkie (chair)

Bulletin  --  Jamie Rodgers (chair)

Community and Youth Services  --  Keith Ashley (chair), Wayne Winter.

Convention  --  Gene Walleyn (chair)

Constitution and By--Law  -- Jim Adams Sr. (chair), Keith Ashley, Wayne Baker, Zeke Gulabsingh, Tom Harvey, Mike Rigby, David Walker

Environment  -- David Bate (chair)

Eyesight Hearing Speech --  Mike Bauslaugh (chair), Wayne Winter.

Finance  --  Ron Keba (chair).

Hands-On  --  Rick VanWynsberghe (chair), David Bate.

Health and Greeting  --  Henri VandenBussche (chair).

Life Membership  --  Doug Hunt (chair), Jim Adams Sr., Don Daley, Ron Keba, David Stelpstra, Gene Walleyn.

Lottery -- Glenford Deming (co-chair), Bill Easdown (co-chair),

Membership  -- Doug Hunt (chair), Bill Easdown (vice-chair), Mike Bauslaugh, Mike Edmonds, Ron Francis.

Nominations  --  Doug Hunt (chair), Jm Adams Jr., Mike Bauslaugh, Glenford Deming, Ron Francis.

Program  --  Lion Ron Keba (chair).

Service for Seniors  --  Lion Bill Easdown (chair), Don Daley.

Show  --  Lion David Smyth (chair).

Trailer  --  Lion David Pond (chair).

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