General Scholarship Information

The Sarasota LIONS Club will offer four renewal scholarships to graduating seniors from Sarasota County whose plans are to enter a technical school, a community college or a 4 year college. One student will be from Sarasota High School, another from Riverview High School and the third from Booker High School, and the fourth scholarship from any other Sarasota County School. The amount of the award will be $1000 per academic school year and renewable each year up to 4 years.

The scholarship will be based on FINANCIAL NEED, GRADES, LEADERSHIP and COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES as determined by the Scholarship Committee of the Lions Club.


  • Student applicants are required to write a short (100 word) essay as part of the application process outlining their field of interest and reason for choosing, including demonstrated leadership.
  • Two recommendations are required preferably from the head of a volunteer organization outlining the unique personality characteristics or accomplishments of the student and/or from a student’s employer. A friend, neighbor or family member is not an appropriate reference.
  • A 2.5 or higher GPA is required.
  • Students must submit the FSFSA financial statement to justify financial need.
  • Community involvement and/or work experience is required.
  • The application, including the required materials are to be sent by the student by March 1st to: Sarasota LIONS Club. P.O. Box 51207, Sarasota, Fl 34232.

Each year the students will have the opportunity to be re-certified showing proof of eligibility.  Requirements:

  • The students have to be enrolled in college full-time and maintain passing grades as determined by their GPA.
  • All payments will go directly to the Financial Department of the respective schools of higher education by crediting their account. Under no circumstances are the students to receive money directly.
  • Failure to comply with reporting requirements will be grounds for denial of scholarship aid.
  • If a student is arrested for drug or alcohol use (including DWI) or charged with a felony, the LIONS Club reserves the right to deny scholarship aid.
  • There are no restrictions as to the major but preference would be given to individual students who pursue a career in eye sight, hearing and/or disabilities and/or have a personal/family history of eye problems, hearing or disability.‚Äč
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