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Mission Hills Sight Screening for Incoming Freshman

August 9 and 10, 2018

San Marcos Lions Club members screened 139 students at Mission Hills High School Orientation Day along with the Mission Hills High School Leos Club August 9 and 10, 2018 under the leadership of Club President PDG Norm MacKenzie.  Lion Hours were 34 and Leo Hours were 13.5.  Total combined hours are 47.5.  Additionally, three parents and three elementary school children were screened.  There were 24 high school referrals, 1 adult referral.

San Marcos Lions participating were: President Norm MacKenzie – 10 hours; Membership Chair Mike Barksdale – 6 hours; Vision Chair Ish Lopez – 6 hours; Lion Richard Steiner – 3.5 hours; and from San Diego North County Lions Club Past District Governor John Ruiz – 3.5 hours.

Mission Hills High School Leos participating were: Angela Ramirez – 5 hours; Audrey Kline – 3 hours; Ashley Virabouth – 2 hours; and from MHHS Key Club Zander Vilaysane – 3.5 hours.

Parents who accompanied their students to Orientation Day were invited to view the screening process and also were invited to participate.  Several took advantage of the opportunity to view San Marcos Lions screening process and three parents and younger siblings chose to have eyes tested.

San Marcos Lions Mobile Vision Health Unit participated in Walker Chapel’s Health Fair in Oceanside, Saturday, August 18, 2018.  San Marcos Lions screened 11 Adults and 2 children and 4 were referred for complete eye exams by an Eye Professional.  Lions hours were 6 by PDG Norm MacKenzie and 5 by Lion Mike Barksdale the Lion Screeners.

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