Greetings San Diego Delta Lions!

Twelve months or so ago, I accepted the mandate of this office with one purpose – to serve the underprivileged. In the course of that period, the San Diego Delta Lions Club (SDDLC) made contributions to the community and the less fortunate through voluntary work. In our simple and humble efforts, we accomplished the following:

·         Helping others:

o   Awarded continuing educational grant to two deserving high school students. In their support, we also donated two computers for school work research.

o   Adopted two indigent families through the gift of food-giving.

o   Completed feeding program for 123 primary school children.

·         Performed community services:

o    Food distribution with the First Christian Church

o    Food packaging with the San Diego Food Bank

o   Park cleanup of the Peppertree Park of National City

·         Supported outreach:

o   Diabetes Awareness Walk

o   Vision screening

o   Used eye glasses collection

·         Donated:

o    Ten boxes (balikbayan) of used clothing and household items to the needy families of Talugtug & Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

o   Used clothing to the homeless foundation of San Diego.

o   Eye glasses.

All these voluntary works were made possible through the dedication and continuing effort and support of concerned San Diego Delta Lions. For the existence and the ability to engage and complete its project, every bona fide member of San Diego Delta Lions deserves a credit for promoting the ideals of service to the community without expecting any favor in return. The lack of resources made us more self-reliant to promote our cause.

In our simple and humble act of sharing and giving, we have touched some lives by improving their situation better than their previous. I believe that as we continue our journey to helping others and the community, I would like to rally the SDDLC family to increase our efforts to answer to the needs of the underprivileged, here and abroad. I have firm confidence that together we will again answer these calls successfully as our predecessors have done in the past.

The opportunities for volunteer work and community service are unlimited. SDDLC is in an intriguing position to promote the principles of Lionism in all four corners of the globe. To do this, the support and participative efforts of every member is solicited. I charge you, therefore, to look around your areas and identify situations where we can improve and make a difference.

As we march SDDLC forward to the next twelve months of volunteering, my fondest hope of a continuous and productive years in cementing the principles of Lionism in our community and its residents. Hence, let us continue the works that our predecessors have started.

Congratulations San Diego Delta Lions Club!



Lion Del B. Quileza

“It is not man that makes truth great. It is truth that makes man great” (Anonymous)

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