June 24, 2020


The meeting held via Zoom and called to order by President Mark Kraut at 9:00 AM.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: President Mark Kraut, 1VP Mark Steffens, 3VP Darren Simonds, Secretary Jim Berdan, Treasurer Jack Carmany, 1 Year Director Steve Quist, 2 Year Director Joe Bowers, 2 Year Director Norm Royce, Tail Twister Frank Adams, Chaplin Carl Burson, and Membership Director PDG Rich DeCuir.

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: 2VP Louis Pritchett, 1 Year Director Ernie Boone, and IPP Darnell Lawrence, Lion Tamer Ritchie Carlson.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes from the May 27, 2020, were presented for approval.  PDG Rich DeCuir moved to approve the minutes. 1VP Mark Steffens seconds the motion. President Mark Kraut calls for the question and the Ayes have it, and the motion was approved.


Treasurer Jack Carmany, submitted balances via email: $XXXX in the Admin account, and $XXXX in the Charity account, $XXXX in the City of Hope account, $XXXX in the LMEAF account, and $XXXX in the LPCCI account. 


  1. ELC Installation Dinner Update – Committee gave an update and we are still planning to have the dinner at Plates. Seating will be outside.
  2. Student Speaker Contest Update – 1VP Mark Steffens reported that the District contest will use You Tube videos submitted by the students.  Contest will be held on July 17, 2020
  3. Facemask Donations Update – Lion Maryrose Barnhurst reported that she currently working on a 300 of 1000 facemask donations for our twin club in the Philippines.  She is also working on facemasks for club members.
  4. District Stuff Update –DGE Cat Gon reported that there will be a one-day district convention on September 12th at the Sacramento Hilton Hotel.  More to follow.
  5. Clip Cat Fundraiser Update – 1VDG Cat Gon reported that so far, she has raised over $XXXX for Operation Clip Cat fundraiser to support LCIF Pediatric Cancer Research.  There is still time to submit a donation.
  6. 2020-2021 District 4C5 Directory Ad – Lions Brent Showalter and Darren Simonds are working on the ads.
  7. 501(c)(4) vs 501(c)(3) Discussion Continued – A committee was formed to pursue this issue.  Members of the committee include: PDG Rich DeCuir, Lion Steve Quist, and Lion Jim Berdan.  Discussion to continue.
  8. Parkinson’s Walk Update – PDG Suzanne Royce reported that they have raised $XXXX so far from donations and $XXXX over four years.  Suzanne recommends that we invite Parkinson’s Association of Northern California (PANC) to our installation dinner.  PDG Carl Burson made a motion to invite PANC.  Lion Norm Royce seconds the motion. President Mark Kraut calls for the question and the Ayes have it, and the motion was approved.


  1. Meeting in Denny’s Parking Lot – It was suggested that we try to hold a meeting in Denny’s parking lot.  Prez Mark Kraut will check with the Denny’s manager.
  2. Recording the Zoom Meetings – After some discussion, it was decided to add “Recorded” to the email meeting announcements.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:55 AM.


Lion Jim Berdan


Sacramento Embarcadero Lions Club (2190)

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