January 27, 2021


The meeting held via Zoom and called to order by President Mark Steffens at 7:10 AM.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: President Mark Steffens, 1VP Brent Showalter, 2VP Jun Mateo, Secretary Jim Berdan, Treasurer Darren Simonds, 1 Year Director Joe Bowers, 2 Year Director PDG Erv Gon, 2 Year Director PDG Rich DeCuir, Chaplin PDG Carl Burson, Tail Twister Frank Adams, Lion Tamer Ritchie Carlson, and IPP Mark Kraut.

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: 1 Year Director Norm Royce, and Membership Director Darnell Lawrence.


  1. 2021 District Convention Hospitality – Lion Jun reported that there will be a convention, but it will be shorter and held locally.
  2. Lions Diabetes Innovation Fund Campaign – Lion Dave Alltucker – No report.
  3. 2021 Student Speaker Contest – The contes is back on, but Lion Joe has cancelled the students.  Lion Joe will contact the student’s teacher.
  4. PID Bob Smith Parkinson’s Walk – No Report



  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes from the December 30, 2020 were presented for approval.  PDG Carl made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  PDG Rich DeCuir seconds the motion. President Mark Steffens calls for the question and the Ayes have it, and the motion was approved.
  2. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Darren Simonds, submitted balances for all accounts: $XXXX in the Admin account, and $XXXX in the Charity account, $XXXX in the City of Hope account, $XXXX in the LMEAF account, and $XXXX in the LPCCI account. 
  3. Panda Express Fundraiser – IPP Mark had nothing to report.
  4. Candy Fundraiser – 1VP Brent had nothing to report.
  5. Crab Feed & Tri-Tip Coordinator Needed – Joyce Eng is considering taking on the job.
  6. California Lions Care Project – Food Collection – No report.
  7. 2021/2022 Officer Nomination Committee – The committee will be made up of President Mark, Secretary Jim, and Membership Chair Darnell.


  1. Move Weekly Meeting to 8:00 AM – After some discussion the issue was tabled until a future meeting.
  2. District 4C5 Convention Delegates – Delegates will be: Lion Joe, President Mark, IPP Mark, and Lion Vickie.  Alternates will be: Lion Jim, 1VP Brent, 2VP Jun, and Lion Darren.
  3. Western Service Workers Association (WSWA) Tamale Fundraiser – For those members wishing to order tamales, Joyce Eng has volunteered to pick them up and distribute them.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 AM.

Lion Jim Berdan


Sacramento Embarcadero Lions Club (2190)

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