Sackville NS Lions Club Members - 2019   
Kelly Barnes Wendy Giles Perry Oliver
Angela Boudreau Keith Griffon Don Pickrell
Dorothy Bray Bob Hebb Rev. Carl Price
Scott Brown Jean Hibbs Conley Rogers
John Butler Brian Jollymore Paul Seguin
Harold Campbell Derek Kennedy Basil Sherry
John Campbell Ken LaViolette Jim Sherry
Bob Clark Laurie LaViolette Roy Smith
John Den Hollander Dale MacDonald Megan Vautour
Jan Deveaux John MacIntyre Ron Webb
Gilles Doré Alex MacKeigan Carol Weinberg
Jeanette Downing Mae MacLean Curt Wentzell
Doug Falconer Woody Mahaney Peter Wilde
Sylvia Fraser Gordon Norman Ralph Williams
    Wayne Yetman


Sackville NS Lion Curt Wentzell (left), recipient of the Melvin Jones Fellowship

Award which nationally recognizes outstanding individuals for

exemplary service to their club and the community

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